Gal Gadot refuses to be pitted against fellow superwoman Brie Larson

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Megan Murray

The superhero sisterhood is not to be messed with. 

It’s a fact commonly known that two women, who are in any way comparable in the media, absolutely cannot support each other. 

From Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle to Lady Gaga and Irina Shayk, if toxic tabloid headlines were to be believed, most of the women in the public eye are vying for the spotlight and will put each other down at any cost to get it.

Because pitting women against each other minimises their successes and alienates them from each other. Something which an industry like Hollywood, which has historically been run by men and designed to reduce women to their age and weight, would prefer.

But if there’s anyone whose having none it, it’s one of the most powerful women on and off-screen: Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot.

For years, film industry bosses held off creating female-led superhero films, claiming that audiences just wouldn’t pay to see a woman kick ass. 

Which, frankly, always seemed a little odd, considering women are more frequent moviegoers than men (55% to 45%, according to 2016 statistics), so it stands to reason that they might like to see films that respect and reflect them.

Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

So, when Wonder Woman became the first female-led film to cross the $800m mark and smashed box office records to become the highest-grossing superhero origin film of all time, it was a triumph.

Last week Captain Marvel was released in UK cinemas. Starring Brie Larson, it’s the first time that Marvel has allowed a female superhero to take the reins and it has been a global, stand-out success. More than, though, it’s an example of a woman who 100% knows her worth, has no qualms over calling out those around her and holds her best friend as her greatest love, supporting her no matter what.

Together, these two films have paved the way, and twisted perceptions, for other female-led superhero films to come – something that Gadot is clearly thrilled about. 

Refusing to let any aspect of comparison between them turn sour, Gadot took to Instagram Stories last night (11 March) to show just how much she supports Larson, and her new film.

Sharing a gorgeous illustration of Gadot’s Wonder Woman next to Larson’s Captain Marvel on her Instagram story, she captioned the picture and tagged Larson: “I’m so happy for you sister! Congrats”

We adore that out of all the words she could have picked, Gadot chose sister, a sentiment that sums up companionship in such a deep, pure form, referencing a wider sisterhood between all women. 

If you haven’t seen Captain Marvel for yourself yet, or you have but just can’t get enough, read our review of it here

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