We’re so ready for the Gavin and Stacey film, truth be told

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Omelettes, and fishing trips, and Doris, oh my – could a Gavin and Stacey movie finally be in the works?

The sitcom was, without a doubt, one of the best shows on television when it came out all those years ago (10, in fact). It had a stellar cast, a furiously funny script, and plenty of soothing Welsh accents to listen to – but, more importantly, it gave us one of the most sexually liberated and empowered female characters in Ruth Jones’ Nessa.

Unconventionally attractive, and fiercely independent of any male influence, Nessa was very in touch with her sexual side, often opening up about her impressive string of ex-lovers, the "tools, whips, and capes" she used in the bedroom with them, and the STIs some of them had infected her with.

“You can buy me all the chocolates, all the chow mein you like but it won't wash and you knows why,” she told Dave Coaches. “Now, back off, or I'll tell everyone on that coach about my trip to the doctor's.”

Throw in all those other little moments, like the time she dressed up as Santa and forced Gavin to sit submissively on her knee, and you had a woman who truly defies convention, and challenged the order of a male world. 

So, yeah, we can be forgiven for repeatedly binge-watching the show on Netflix whenever we have a spare moment in our days. And, yeah, we’re not ashamed of the fact that we’ve been not-so-casually hinting that a Christmas TV reunion special would be seriously tidy (no, James Corden hasn’t responded to any of our tweets).

But Larry Lamb – who played Mick Shipman (aka Gav’s dad) in the show – has now hinted that we could be getting something even more special.


In a recent interview with the Press Association, Lamb admitted what we’ve already been trying to come to terms with for all these years – they’re probably never going to make any more episodes of our favourite TV show.

“I think it's highly unlikely that they'll ever make another television series,” he said.

But, when it came to the subject of a big fat film version, Lamb was a little more positive. In fact, strike that: he wasn’t just positive, but he sounded like he was actively rooting for the idea.

“I don't think anybody that was in it would ever say no to it,” he said.

“I think it's a distinct possibility that one day, they might make a film.

“It's got a huge audience, so I'm sure that's what they'll do.”

Not a definitive, but our fingers are definitely crossed.

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