The internet has run amok with hilarious #LastMinuteCorbynSmears

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Kayleigh Dray
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It’s been a long hard slog to the polls, but now there’s less than 24 hours until we find out who the UK has voted to lead the country for the next five years (fair warning: if you don’t cast your vote, you relinquish any rights to complain about government policies during this period).

Obviously, everyone has and is entitled to an opinion – that’s why we’re having a vote in the first place. But many have taken issue with the way certain sections of the press have been presenting leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn.

And it came to a head earlier this morning, when one newspaper’s front page declared that the Labour leader is a “terrorists’ friend”, and an “extremist”.

Labour supporters took to Twitter in their hordes to mock the claims and thus #LastMinuteCorbynSmears was born.

Earlier this week, Corbyn met with Stylist in Nottinghamshire to discuss his manifesto and its impact on women – and addressed the argument that he should be doing more to tackle abuse within the party, specifically the online trolling directed at female MPs.

Rebuffing the idea that he hasn’t done enough to support politicians who have been abused on social media, he said: “I’ve dealt with every single one of those problems.

“I have made it very, very clear, abuse has no place whatsoever in our party or in our society – on social media or anywhere else.”

“Women must be as happy and comfortable in the Labour party as men must be,” he continues. “And I think they are.”

Watch the full interview below:

It goes without saying that, whoever you choose to root for, it is incredibly important to vote in today’s general election and make your voice heard.

We spoke with Evie, the five-year-old feminist who made headlines on Channel 4’s The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds, and asked her what she thought we should do if we didn’t know who to vote for.

“Should we just…. not vote?” we asked innocently.

Cue her fiery response:

You hear her: it's time to get down to the polling booths, stat.

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