Candice Brown wants you all to stop comparing her to Nigella Lawson

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Kayleigh Dray
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Throughout this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off, Candice Brown has been compared to Nigella Lawson – with many claiming that the PE teacher had all the warmth, skill, and charisma of the celebrity cook.

Since being crowned the winner of GBBO, however, Candice has seen these comparisons become more and more frequent.

And, recently, the inevitable happened; some media outlets began reporting that the former PE teacher is set to replace Lawson in a relaunch of US reality cooking show The Taste.

The 31 year old, however, isn’t too pleased with the comparisons – for a very good reason.

Speaking to the Standard at a charity bake sale for Cancer Research, she explained: “I’d never, ever want to be the new anybody. I’m just me.”

Candice went on to praise Lawson, 56, as “absolutely fabulous”, but firmly added that she has no intention of ‘replacing’ her any time soon.

“Funnily enough, as my other half dropped me off at the train station, about an hour later he forwarded that [rumour] on to me and said, ‘You aren’t leaving for the US are you?’

“I said, ‘No, you’d have to drop me at Heathrow for that.’”

I’d never, ever want to be the new anybody

Candice finished by reassuring fans that she’s “definitely here at the moment”, saying: “We do have a good giggle at those bits and pieces. I literally just love this crazy, crazy whirlwind that I’m in at the moment and I don’t know what I’m going to do next.”

Since leaving GBBO, Candice has been encouraged to leave her job as a PE teacher at Ashlyns School in Hertfordshire, in order to pursue the foodie-themed career of her dreams.

Speaking to ITV’s Loose Women, in an interview which took place on her first working day away from the school, the talented baker admitted that it'll take her a while to get used to her change of career.

She said: “I feel nervous. I feel horrendous. It's hard. The school have been amazing. It was sad, because it was so short notice. I kept saying to people ‘don't look at me’.”

However she’s looking forward to the challenges ahead, hinting that a cookbook and a television show (rumoured to be a European baking road-trip with fellow Bake Off star Jane) might be in order.

“A book would be amazing,” she admitted, adding: “People are going to be sick of my face and voice.”

It looks as if Candice’s future definitely doesn’t have a soggy bottom; guess we’ll just have to wait and see what she does next...



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