The surprising story behind these matching red carpet dresses

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Five women wore the same black-and-yellow print outfits to the 90th Academy Awards – and the reason why is going to make you cry…

Turning up to a special occasion and finding someone else is wearing the same outfit is a very real fear that many of us share – primarily because it opens us up to direct comparison (and the inevitable judgement that comes with that).

And, of course, this fear is only exacerbated for women in the spotlight, thanks to all of those brutal ‘Who Wore It Better?’ side-by-side articles that fashion police tend to churn out on a near hourly basis.

Thankfully, though, the year is 2018 – and women are calling “Time’s Up” on sexist bulls**t whenever and wherever they can. So, when Greta Gerwig’s best friends decided to join her at the Vanity Fair Oscars party – one of the most photographed red carpet events in Hollywood – they decided to use the important occasion to flip tired old fashion tropes on their head.

That’s right: they showed up in identical black-and-yellow print outfits, in a bid to let the entire world know that they are members of the same ‘team’.

Speaking to The Cut, Ellen Van Dusen, designer for the brand Dusen Dusen, explained: “I know Ana [one of the five] through a friend, and she came to me looking for something special and bold for the crew that would look good and broadcast that they were a team.

“They decided on all wearing the same print, which I was super into. My favourite outfits are ones that are head-to-toe in a uniform print, so doing that five times over was a true thrill for me.”

The women wanted to “broadcast that they were a team”

Dusen added: “It’s embarrassing to show up in the same outfit as one other person, but extremely cool to show up in the same outfit as four other people.”

All in all, it was a pretty inspiring fashion moment – and it’s a firm reminder that being matchy-matchy isn’t the end of the world.

After all, if imitation is the greatest form of flattery, twinning is double the mutual respect. And, to paraphrase The Handmaid’s Tale, “they should never have given us uniforms if they didn’t want us to be an army”.

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