Grey's Anatomy celebrity cameos: Beanie Feldstein

Grey’s Anatomy: 11 celebrity cameos you probably missed in the award-winning hospital drama

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Beanie Feldstein isn’t the first icon to walk the halls of Seattle Grace Hospital, you know…

Last week, the lives of Grey’s Anatomy fans were well and truly made when it was announced that Bookmart and Lady Bird star  Beanie Feldstein would be appearing in the show as intern Tess Desmond.

Incredibly excited about her new role in the longest-running prime-time medical drama, the Golden Globe nominee shared a series of behind-the-scenes photographs on her Instagram.

“All I’ve wanted since I was eleven years old was to be on Grey’s Anatomy,” Feldstein wrote. “I’ve seen every single episode multiple times. Guest-starring on this show and getting to share scenes with the remarkable James Pickens (my chief always and forever) was heaven.”

She added: “The crew and cast were so incredibly kind and let me tour all the sets and touch all the props and I fully wept!!!!

“Thanks for letting me take a one-time dream trip to Seattle.”

Of course, Feldstein’s not the first celebrity to take a trip to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly known as Seattle Grace). In fact, the Booksmart star is in very good company indeed: some of our favourite actors have appeared in Grey’s Anatomy over the years – although you may not have realised it, of course.

From Elisabeth Moss to Mandy Moore, get ready to join Stylist for a trip down TV’s memory lane as we take a look back at some of the show’s best celebrity cameos. Because that’s our kind of medicine.

Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos is probably best known for her role as Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In Grey’s, though, she’s Karen, a young woman in dire need of a liver transplant from her sister, Marcy. Let’s just say sisterly squabbles get in the way of things, and Karen’s situation winds up getting a lot worse before it gets better.

You can take a sneak-peek at her scenes here.

Millie Bobby Brown

As in, yes, Elle from Stranger Things. When she was a wee young thing, Millie Bobby Brown took on the role of an 11-year-old girl who became trapped with her unconscious mother after an earthquake. Thankfully, she called the hospital and – with help from Owen over the phone – was able to save her mum’s life.

Elisabeth Moss

Long before The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss – or Nina, as her character was known – came into Seattle Grace hospital with her mother, who had a condition that caused bone to grow at the site of any trauma. Fiercely protective and racked with guilt, Nina persuaded her mum to undergo a very risky surgical procedure. Tragically, though, it proved to be too late, and Nina was left devastated when her mother died on the operating table.

You can watch her scenes here.

Sarah Paulson

Before the heady glory of American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson played the younger version of Ellis Grey in order to help viewers better understand Meredith’s mother. As it turns out, she was the tenacious young doctor who treated Phillip Nichols, the first patient in Seattle to be diagnosed with GRID (now known as AIDS) – and willingly took on the perceived risk of operating on him, despite not knowing how AIDS was transmitted.

Cristina Ricci

The indomitable Cristina Ricci appeared in Grey’s Anatomy as Hannah, a paramedic who, in an attempt to stop an injured patient bleeding to death, put her hand on the wound. Same old, same old, right? 

Wrong. It soon transpired there was a live bomb inside the patient, and that Hannah’s hand was the only thing keeping it from going off. I won’t spoil this one fore you, just in case you want to check it out for yourself here.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore’s character was forced to cancel her routine colostomy bag reversal surgery when an active shooter shut down the hospital in the sixth season of Grey’s Anatomy. She returned later, but the delay soon proved devastating: she ended up in a coma after her surgery and her husband was eventually forced to take her off life support.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer’s Sheryl wanted to join a clinical trial because she needed a heart transplant. Desperately. Too bad, then, that she was turned away, with doctors telling her she was “too old” for the trial. 

The shock caused her to go into labour prematurely, and… well, the rest is history.

Neve Campbell

Scream’s Neve Campbell starred in Grey’s as McDreamy’s sister, Dr Lizzie Shepard. We met her for the first time in 2012, when she arrived at Seattle Grace to donate a nerve to Derek after his hand injury in a plane crash. 

Check out the episode Run Baby Run if you want to find out what happens next.

Demi Lovato

Grey’s Anatomy fans will no doubt remember Hayley May, the young girl who – after attempting to scratch out her own eyes – was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Her parents tried to have her committed to the psychiatric ward, but Alex wasn’t convinced and enlisted the help of Lexie for further investigations. Together, they found out that Demi Lovato’s character had Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome, and they were able to correct the issue with surgery.

Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette took on a very different role when she portrayed former meth addict (and murderer) Constance Ferguson. Her character was rushed to Seattle Grace when she swallowed razor blades – and her situation grew even graver when she swallowed pieces from a broken lightbulb in order to prolong her stay at the hospital. Thankfully, Cristina (Sandra Oh) was on hand to save the day!

Tessa Thompson

Before Thor: Ragnarok, Tessa Thompson was Camille Travis, Richard Webber’s niece, and she appeared in the second series of Grey’s. Her story began when she passed out during sex and was rushed to Seattle Grace hospital.

A concerning pelvic examination led to an ultrasound, the ultrasound to a frank conversation about her symptoms. it was then, and only then, that Camille revealed she’d been experiencing a great deal of pain. She didn’t tell anyone, however, because she desperately wanted to go to prom and she didn’t want to be the “girl with cancer again”.

You can watch her heartrending scenes in the video above.

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