Halsey explains why her attitude to female friendships has changed

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Singer Halsey has talked about her changing relationship with females while growing up, and how “female rage” has inspired her new single Nightmare. 

Halsey has never shied away from speaking her truths. Recently, the singer used her platform to defiantly speak out about LGBTQ representation in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

She has also bravely vocalised her experience of sexual assault and shared her opinions on Trump’s immigration policy. Just last month, the star helped to redefine beauty norms by posing on the front of Rolling Stone magazine with her armpit hair proudly on show. 

Now, Halsey has been frank about her relationship with other females while growing up.

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Speaking to Lizzie Goodman at the Capitol Congress conference in Hollywood this week, Variety reported that she said: “I spent my whole life being the person who’s like ‘I fucking hate girls, I only want to hang out with boys; girls are so annoying.”

She continued: “And now I’m in my 20s and I’m like, ‘I love women! They’re awesome!’ Women are so tight, I’m surrounded by amazing women and I love how strong and beautiful and incredible they all are in their own ways.”

Halsey's new song Nightmare is about feminine rage.
Halsey's new song Nightmare is about feminine rage.

Explaining her journey to this point, Halsey added: “It’s cool to be in my 20s and to have like grown out of that internalized misogyny. I’ve grown comfortable in my own space and in my own skin, so it eliminates that factor of competition for sure.”

Talking about her new single, Nightmare, she explained that it is aimed at anyone who has made her question her own self-worth, saying: “Female rage is a very tight subject for me right now.”

Her candid way with words are partly why Halsey has gained such strong support as an activist, outside of her music.

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In 2016, she opened up about her battles with endometriosis for the first time, reassuring her young fans they were not alone and compelling them to demand better health care.

“[If] any of you suffer from endometriosis, please know you’re not alone,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I know how [excruciatingly] painful it can be and how discouraging the disease can be.”

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