Why Harvey Weinstein accuser Annabella Sciorra isn’t celebrating his arrest

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Susan Devaney
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Annabella Sciorra has taken to Twitter to share why Harvey Weinstein’s arrest made her feel “physically sick” and not “celebratory”. 

In recent days, following the arrest of disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein, many of his accusers have shared celebratory messages on Twitter. Ashley Judd called it a “watershed moment”, while Rose McGowan said she had a “visceral need for him to have handcuffs on him”.

But Annabella Sciorra, another one of his multiple accusers, feels the opposite – and for good reason, too.

Sciorra, who told the New Yorker that Weinstein had allegedly raped her in New York City in the Eighties, tweeted how “the law finally caught up with Harvey Weinstein on Friday and charged him with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault. But nothing about that felt celebratory to me.”

Weinstein, who handed himself in to police on Friday (25 May), was photographed smiling as he was led away. “The smirk,” as Sciorra put it, made her “physically sick.”

“The public statement from his lawyer was intended only to denigrate all the brave women who came forward and spoke out against him,” she continued. “And I got no relief from seeing this monster walk into court, then sneak out the back door after posting a million dollar bond. All that says is, money buys VIP treatment in the justice system no matter how serious or violent the crimes.”

After his court appearance, Weinstein was charged with rape, a criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct. However, he was released on bail for $1 million (£750,000). He gave up his passport and agreed not to travel beyond New York and Connecticut, and is also required to wear a monitoring device on his ankle.

The producer’s lawyer, Benjamin Branfman, said that his client would plead not guilty to the charges against him. “We believe that [the charges] are constitutionally flawed,” he told reporters outside the court. “We believe that they are not factually supported by the evidence, and we believe that at the end of the process Mr Weinstein will be exonerated.”

Harvey Weinstein in court on Friday 25 May

Actress Mira Sorvino, who’s previously expressed regret for having worked with writer-director Woody Allen by penning an open letter to his daughter, Dylan Farrow – who accused him of sexual assault as a child – took to Twitter to show solidarity with Sciorra.

“I feel the same way, there was no jubilation although I was heartened that he was starting the process of standing trial,” Sorvino wrote. 

Similarly, actress Cynthia Nixon – who’s currently running for governor of New York – also took to Twitter to call out the unfair financial advantage in the American justice system. 

More than 60 women have now come forward with sexual misconduct, rape and harassment allegations against Weinstein.

Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

You can read more on the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein here.

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