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Amid the high fashion and empowering speeches at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (27 August), we were also treated to a sneak peek of the upcoming TV adaptation of cult Eighties film Heathers.

The new TV show is based on the 1988 hit starring Winona Ryder in the role of Veronica Sawyer, a member of a popular clique at an Ohio high school.

While the original film wasn’t a box office hit, it did win critical acclaim with a 1990 Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature, and has since become a cult classic. So news of a TV remake had fans waiting on tenterhooks for their first look at the new faces stepping into the well-known roles.

Set in the present day, the 10-episode series will bring back the Heathers with a modern spin. The shoulder pads and scrunchies are replaced with red fishnet stockings and bomber jackets, while the central plot line is flipped on its head with the outsiders becoming the bullies.

Though not everyone is happy with the Hollywood remake train, a first look at the trailer, below, reveals the tongue-in-cheek, teenage angst-tinged horror vibes remain.

In the original film, when Veronica rises through the ranks to be one of the most popular girls at school, along with her three wealthy and beautiful friends (all named Heather) she finds that popularity quickly loses its shine – and takes drastic action when she grows tired of her friends’ bullying behavior.

Impatient with the Heathers’ behaviour and longing to return to her old life and her "nerdy" friends, Veronica takes matters into her own hands when she teams up with the rebellious new boy, Jason ‘JD’ Dean (Christian Slater), but things take a dark turn when Veronica finds herself caught up in a spate of murders, culminating in an explosive ending.

In the new series, Heather McNamara is lesbian (played by Jasmine Mathews), Heather Duke is ‘Heath’ (played by Brendan Scannell) and identifies as gender-queer, and Heather Chandler “has a body like Martha Dumptruck” (played by Melanie Field), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Veronica is played by  Grace Victoria Cox, while JD is played by James Scully.

The Paramount series has also released yearbook photos on its official Instagram account.

Excitingly, Selma Blair is joining the line-up in the role of Heather Duke's stepmother Jade, whom The Hollywood Reporter describes as “a stripper and menthol smoker who is rough around the edges but with a bit of [glamour] to her.”

Meanwhile, original cast member Shannen Doherty is returning in an as yet unconfirmed role – though Ryder and Slater have not yet been tipped to make an appearance.

The series will premiere in the US in 2018 and a UK launch date is yet to be confirmed.

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