Helen Mirren’s Instagram account is here to make life better

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Which is why news that she’s just joined Instagram is so very welcome.

In a virtual world where selfies reign supreme and DIY airbrushing has become standard practice, a little more Mirren is something we all need.

In a remarkably stealth move, Dame Mirren shared her very first post two weeks ago - a selfie taken on the St Charles streetcar in New Orleans - managing to fly somewhat under the radar.

How did we not find it until now?

Since then, the actor has bossed Instagram, following just three privileged people - Ryan Reynolds, Emma Watson and Will Smith - while sharing throwbacks from her summer spent in New York, behind the scenes snaps from her Collateral Beauty press tour, and a host of impromptu selfies.

Yes, that’s Helen Mirren clutching a takeaway coffee and three rolls of festive wrapping paper, while taking a selfie outside of a convenience store.

She really has got this thing on lock down.

What might be most refreshing, however, is the actor’s choice of what she shares.

As in the real world, Mirren’s feed isn’t a curated series of heavily filtered images. Instead, she mixes the gritty with the glam.

Piercing the celebrity filter bubble, Mirren’s feed is a realistic window into the daily business of being a film star on tour, including team snaps captured in dowdy reception areas, busy subway rides, and what a wall of yelling photographers really looks like.

She even shares her excitement over newly refurbed London buses (“Who knew a bus could be sexy?”), and several snaps from a truly magical event called Santa Con.

But if all that wasn’t quite enough Mirren for you, here’s the cherry on top; the signature Helen Mirren power pose, done atop a hotel bed, with the brilliant caption ‘feeling lardy.’

We told you this is what you needed.


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