Brexit should have warned us about Trump, says Hillary Clinton

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Kayleigh Dray
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Britain’s Brexit vote should have acted as an “alarm” for America and could have helped predict Donald Trump’s election win, says Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, speaking exclusively to Stylist magazine, said: “I think Brexit was a bigger alarm than we understood here in the United States.”

Clinton said there were similarities between Brexit’s leave campaign and Trump’s campaign for the US presidency, saying that both included: “blaming, scapegoating, prejudice and paranoia. And outright lying. Which we saw in the Brexit campaign and in the Trump campaign.”

She continued: “I think that the skilful deliberate lying by the Brexit campaign, which was not adequately addressed and refuted with an alternative presented, provided a big opening.”

Clinton also spoke to Stylist about her feelings about the Trump presidency, her “sense of responsibility” for not winning the 2016 election and about being “an example of resilience in the face of loss” to younger women.

The full interview will appear in the next edition of Stylist  magazine.

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