Shining Girls: Elisabeth Moss will star in and exec-produce a new Apple TV+ thriller

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The Handmaid’s Tale actor is about to star in another compelling and terrifying drama. 

Elisabeth Moss is having a busy lockdown. Not only has she given us the trailer for series four of The Handmaid’s Tale; released a peek at Shirley, her horror film based on the real story of the woman behind Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House; and announced she’ll be starring in true crime drama Candy, where she’ll play Candy Montgomery, a suburban housewife who murdered her close friend. Now there’s a new project in the works. 

Elisabeth Moss in The Handmaid’s Tale:
The Handmaid’s Tale: Elisabeth Moss as June Osborne.

The actor will star in the adaptation of Shining Girls, coming to Apple TV+, as well as executive producing it alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

The series is an adaptation of a bestselling 2013 time-travelling thriller by Lauren Beukes. The book centres on a man called Harper Curtis (his casting has not yet been announced, but we’d be very happy to see DiCaprio follow Moss’ lead to play actor and producer). He moves back and forth in time between 1929 and 1993 in Chicago, brutally murdering women – the ‘shining girls’ – who burn bright with potential. 

Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen in The Invisible Man
Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen in The Invisible Man

Moss will play the one who got away. She will step into the shoes of Kirby who, in the novel, survives Curtis’ assault in 1989 and makes a vow to find the man who tried to end her life. She goes on to get a job at the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper in her vow to bring her attacker to justice.

The drama, which doesn’t yet have a release date, sounds imaginative, disturbing and compelling – just the sort of material that Elisabeth Moss is so good at sinking her teeth into.

 It might be time to add an Apple TV+ subscription to your streaming services in anticipation. 

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