Holly Willoughby confirms she’s launching a second career in her spare time

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Holly Willoughby has unveiled her surprising side-hustle plans on Instagram. 

Last year, it was revealed that a whopping 1.2 million people in the UK have taken on second jobs to boost their income and pursue their passion projects. Similarly, around three quarters of Brits have a part-time hobby as well as a full-time job – and, on average, they earn a collective £249 million a month from their after-work interests. 

“There’s a new savvy, entrepreneurial approach to careers, which is all about creating different income streams, rather than having all your eggs in one basket,” career coach Beth Reacher told Glamour at the time.

“A side-hustle is an opportunity to develop new skills, feel more fulfilled… or be empowered financially.”

No wonder, then, that Holly Willoughby has been inspired to join the multi-tasking movement.

Over the weekend, the TV presenter revealed that – much like Gwyneth Paltrow before her – she is set to launch her very own lifestyle brand, TRULY.

“This is TRULY, my new lifestyle brand,” announced Willoughby, along with a teaser picture of the website.

Explaining that she’s been working on the project “passionately and secretly for a long time”, Willoughby added: “Let the adventure begin!”

Over on the website, more information has been teased on exactly what the brand will entail. 

“TRULY is a new lifestyle brand for you that launches later this year,” it reads.

“It’s about beautiful things that are of the highest quality, surprisingly affordable and designed to make your life easier.”

Willoughby’s site, which will launch this autumn, will focus on the following categories: home, fashion, baby, wellness, living and travel.

Has Willoughby inspired you to launch a second career of your own? While the benefits are undeniable, it’s also worth considering the impact it will have upon your spare time and current career – not to mention all the extra boxes you will have to tick on your tax forms.

We recommend looking to the side-hustle community for feedback, practical advice, contacts, encouragement and, above all else, inspiration.

It is also worth listening to how others made it work via the Sidepreneurs podcasts (, finding a LinkedIn group for freelancers in the same field as you, or checking out the #sidehustle hashtag on Twitter.

You can also, like Willoughby (whose TRULY announcement has scored almost 40K likes on Instagram), use social media apps to boost your side-hustle’s chances of success.

“‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, is a phrase which has been said time and time again and has become a cliché phrase,” Mike Bandar, founder of Hopper HQ, tells

“However, it has a huge amount of truth to it. For people who are looking to move into more niche careers such as modelling, music, dance and more, Instagram can be an incredibly useful mechanism for connecting with other top people within those spaces. Build relationships with already influential people within your dream field, engage with them, comment and like, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.”

He adds: “Many people do not realise how useful a tool Instagram is for putting yourself in front of brands and potential partners/employers. It’s not just a social media platform it’s a marketing tool, so keep this in mind. Not only does it give you the opportunity to market yourself to 700 million active monthly users, but Instagram lets you do this for free! 

“We’ll all agree that the person who gets the job is always the person who ‘seems’ the best, even if in actual fact they’re not. This is why Instagram is so good at helping people reach the right type of people – you can make yourself seem like the best fit for whatever job you like, for free.”

You can find out more about how to use Instagram to boost your career prospects (and make your side-hustle dreams come true) here.

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