How to own the first date

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Ah, the dating game. You can’t help but get a thrill from meeting a potential partner. There’s the whole lead-up to the date. The flirty messages beforehand. And then boom. You’re there. The Match Badge can help you be prepared and get the most from your evening. Here’s how to smash that first date right out of the park…

Be a savvy dater

The Match Badge is Match’s little gift from them to you. The Match Badge enables you to identify like-minded guys on the site, giving you a sneak peek into potential dates’ approach to dating. Find Match Heroes: guys who are genuine top blokes, have filled in their profiles and take the time to craft the perfect messages. Plus, if he’s a Super Match Hero, you know your date will have got a thumbs up from previous dates. Thank us later.

Be a woman with a plan

Is there a new restaurant, bar or gallery you want to check out? Take the reigns and throw your suggestions into the mix. With detailed profiles on Match, you should be able to tell from his profile whether he’s a ‘take the back seat’ kind of guy. 

Agree to disagree (or not)

We can put pressure on ourselves to go overboard to impress on the first date, sometimes to the detriment of our own opinions or beliefs. The Match Badge can give you some insider info before the date, so you’ll know sooner rather than later if you’re not going to have the same views when it comes to politics, religion and all those other juicy talking points.

Don’t be afraid to be daring with what you ask on the date

OK, so you’ve done the mandatory ‘Where do you live?’, ‘How many brothers and sisters do you have?’ blah blah, but things are going a bit, let’s say, beige. Ask your date some things you really want to know about them and see how they answer. Check out some banging first-date ice-breakers here

Get outta there

Do you ever feel obliged to stay on your date despite zero chemistry, so you gradually work your way through the cocktail list, willing your date to call it a night so you can leg it to the Tube? If you’re not having a good time, call it. Say thanks for the bevvies and head off to meet some mates – better yet, get an early night. Life’s too short!

The secret of success

Dating is fun, right? Plus, with Match – number one for dating among young online daters – you can give yourself a massive pat on the back. Well done you.


Find out more about the Match Badge here.   

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