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I May Destroy You’s Weruche Opia explains why this is such a timely series

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Already obsessed with I May Destroy You? Weruche Opia, who stars in the show, explains exactly why it lives up to the hype.

I May Destroy You is the BBC series that everybody is talking about – and for good reason. Michaela Coel’s new drama explores the question of sexual consent in contemporary life. 

It tells the story of Arabella, a ‘voice of our generation’ writer who, after a night out in London, wakes up questioning what happened in the previous 12 hours. The show is based on the sexual assault that Coel experienced in real life and the pressure she was under to write comedy scripts after it had happened. It’s being praised by fans and critics alike for its unique and compelling portrayal of an issue that must continue to be discussed in the mainstream. 

That’s why it’s pretty exciting to have one of the show’s stars, Weruche Opia, on the latest (and last) episode of the Working from Home with Stylist podcast.

Opia plays Arabella’s best friend Terry, who is an aspiring actor struggling with her stalling career. She feels increasingly self-conscious when she compares her work to her increasingly successful best pal. While she supports Arabella as she copes with her assault, she has her own trauma lying underneath the surface.

On the podcast, Opia nails the reasons why I May Destroy You is such a vital watch right now.

“We’re in the midst of two pandemics at the moment,” the actor tells Stylist’s editor Alix Walker. “Two viruses being fought. There’s been quite a lot, very up and down.”

“I’m glad I’m a part of this project at this exact time and it’s so strange how everything has just fallen into place,” says Opia. “I’m glad the subject matters of the project are timeless, but there are the issues of race representation and being a black woman in a show written, directed, produced and starring a diverse cast. It feels great.

“It’s a cultural reflection and I feel like things are moving forward. At this precise moment is doesn’t feel like that. But I’m hoping this will be a catalyst to change: the protests and everything – something has to give. It’s exciting to know that I’m in something that I think is going to be part of this change that’s coming.”

I May Destroy You are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now. Episodes will continue to air on Mondays and Tuesdays on BBC One at 10:45pm for the remainder of the series, and will all become available on iPlayer.

Listen to the latest episode of Working from Home with Stylist.

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