If Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf were an actual couple

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Important news: Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf have just got married.

OK, so not the actual Blair and Seth, just the people who play both characters, as it's been reported that Adam Brody and Leighton Meester have tied the knot in a secret ceremony.

So, seeing as we love The O.C. and Gossip Girl, we decided to imagine what it would have been like if these characters ever dated...

As with all great on-screen romances, Seth would begin with admiring her from afar. Inevitably he would try to be friendly, but in classic Blair style, she'd have none of it.

He'd even try to convince her that because they like the same foods they're meant to be together. Even when she doesn't actually like burritos.

At some point though, they'd get to hang out. But then, being Seth Cohen, he'd crack and he'd have to tell her how he feels.

Unsurprisingly, Blair wouldn't give in. It's not that his family don't have money, but he'll probably not be the 'right sort' of rich for her.

Seth would obviously then spiral and he'd start to get a little depressed.

But then he'd show her the brilliance of Chrismukkah and he'd win her over.

And, because Chrismukkah is amazing, she wouldn't be able to resist. But she wouldn't be happy about giving in to him, even when she's admitted it to herself.

So even when he declares his love, she'll have to tell him to keep quiet and keep their relationship a secret.

And as with all great love stories, they'd have a falling out and have to split.

Despite all this he'd try to win her back, albeit rather pathetically...

And she'd tell him where to go...

But eventually, they'd both see the light.