In pictures: Sienna Miller looks back

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Sienna Miller spoke in detail on love, fame, and her fashion label with sister Savannah during her interview with Megan Conner in this week's Stylist. When the gossiping was done, we grabbed her for a look back on her career highlights to date.

  • Keen Eddie, 2003

    Sienna says: "This is me in the TV series Keen Eddie; I was 20. I don’t remember too much about it except it was my first big job and that was very exciting."

  • Golden Globes, 2004

    Sienna says: "I’m looking slightly stunned at the Golden Globes - it was the first time I’d been to a major thing awards ceremony or red carpet event and it was scary, as you can tell by the slightly panic-stricken face I have on."

  • The Oscars, 2004

    Sienna says: "A disastrous hair-do at the Oscars! They did these Medusa-like tentacles on my hair – in LA they’re quite dominating hairdressers, or at least they were at the time . So I made them change my hair again at the last minute! But I love the dress – Matthew Williamson and I designed that dress together so it’s a lovely dress that I’m fond of."

  • Alfie, 2004

    Sienna says: "This was the psycho-scene in Alfie – one of my favourite scenes to shoot in that film. It was a great, fun time. "

  • As You Like It, 2005

    Sienna says: "This is the first scene in As You Like It. Helen McCrory is one of my best friends. She fell ill one night and I had to step into her part at the last minute, which was terrifying. I think I aged ten years in one evening. The whole experience was quite terrifying actually. It was at the beginning of my career and I felt like I had a lot to prove then."

  • Factory Girl, 2006

    Sienna says: "This was an intense scene in Factory Girl, which was a really amazing experience in all sorts of ways. I’m so ebullient and I know that sounds luvvie but it was a fun time."

  • Interview, 2007

    Sienna says: "It was probably 4am when we filmed this scene in Interview! Steve Buscemi is one of the greatest actors alive, obviously, and I loved making this film - I think it’s the most interesting film I’ve done. We shot it in nine nights, the whole thing, like 30 minute takes and 40 pages of dialogue a day. It was kind of like doing a play – very liberating and we shot it all at night so it was this sort of the witching hour where there’s lunacy involved because we were all exhausted. That creates all sorts of things. There’s a scene where I just run up and jump on the sofa, which I just decided to do in that moment and the camera caught it. "

  • The Edge of Love, 2008

    Sienna says: "Happy days with Keira, who’s fantastic. We’re still as close as we were while making this film; it’s one of those keeper friendships."

  • Miss Julie, 2009

    Sienna says: "That was the opening night of Miss Julie. I had to cry so much in that play my eyes were always swollen the next day. I had such a mole face – I call it mole face. So, here’s mole face! The character I played had so many layers."

  • Twenty8Twelve, 2010

    Sienna says: "Savannah [Sienna’s sister, whom she runs fashion label Twenty8Twelve with] is my other half, so this is a lovely picture."