This Instagram star's honest selfie has gone viral

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An Instagram star more usually known for her picture-perfect bikini shots accompanied by lengthy captions of fitness inspiration has had a different kind of selfie attract attention.

Beck Lomas, who has 156,000 followers on the photo-sharing platform, shared a picture of herself without make-up to highlight that “no one is completely perfect”, revealing how she doesn’t let her worries about her skin affect her self-esteem.

In the post, which you can read in full below, Lomas says: “Just because I'm not completely confident with my skin, doesn't mean I'm not a confident person. I've come a long way from the girl who used to cry every single night about the way her skin looked […]

“This post is just to show you all that you should be confident despite your little flaws. We all have things that kill our confidence a little sometimes, no one is completely perfect, and something that might seem like the end of the world for you, may go unnoticed by everyone else.”

She adds: “I just want to let you all know that you are beautiful EVEN if you have acne, or bacne, or cellulite, or your thighs touch or you've got stretch marks […] THESE are my imperfections, they make me sad sometimes but they're not who I am, and they aren't going to kill my confidence, so don't let your imperfections kill your confidence!”

Honest blogging could be a new avenue for Lomas, as she later posted a picture revealing just how much of a difference altering her posture and using a filter can make.

There's been something of a backlash to the cult of perfection on Instagram of late, with a model revealing last November how deciding to be realistic about her life lost her thousands of followers, and another quit altogether, citing the pressures of chasing likes.

Image: @becklomas


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