This week's Instagram highlights: Kate Hudson gets arty and Rita Ora showcases a dramatic new look

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Hayley Kadrou

Rita Ora unveils a drastic new look, Gwyneth Paltrow gets caught in a compromising position and Kate Hudson showcases her arty side.

Welcome to this week's best A-list Instagrams:

  • Cara Delevingne shares a throwback snap

    Some things never change


  • Kendall Jenner unveils a new look

    Me as Alice. December Vogue 

    @mertalas @macpiggott



  • Ellie Goulding shows off some muscle

    “Weight vest training can”


  • Gwyneth Paltrow is caught in a compromising position

    “Caught in bizarre and compromising touch up position”



  • Kate Hudson gets arty in her lunchbreak

    Lunch Break #CampariCalendar  #NYC


  • Reese Witherspoon bigs up Dolly Parton

    “THIS IS MY EVERYTHING!! I heart you, Dolly!!!”

    #DollyFanForever #TheQueen #TotesYall (link to bag in bio)


  • Miranda Kerr shares a sultry selfie

    “Dream team behind the scenes” 




  • Rita Ora showcases a drastic new look

    “My official 2016 Calendar is on sale or buy on line at OHHHH YEAH! Best Xmas Present ever! Exclusive photos never been seen before!! Booooyyyaaaaa”


  • Reese Witherspoon fan-girls Drew Barrymore

    "Excited to finish#WildFlower today!!

     @drewbarrymore - your open, honest and downright

    hilarious look at life is beyond inspiring, just like you!! #WiseWoman




  • Alexa Chung and her pup pose for a picture

    "Who let the dogs out?"


  • Amy Schumer and Amber Rose share a glass

    "Again. I am pictured here.@amberrose is my friend on the right. We are working on her confidence"


  • Oxford Street is lit up for Christmas by Kylie Minogue

    "Amazing turn out for@libertylondon and @itvtextsanta. 

    Thanks to all involved!!!"


  • And Kourtney Kardashian joins in the early Xmas spirit

    "It's starting..."


  • Dianna Agron gets poetical about working out

    "It's been a week without me
    And she feels weak without me
    She wanna talk it out but
    Ain't nothin to talk about less
    She talks about freakin out so
    Maybe we can work it out
    Work it out [4x]
    Maybe we could work it out."


  • It's that time of year again - Mariah Carey rocks the Onsie

    "#casualoutings #eternally12




  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gives ShakeShack a thumbs up

    "Fun night @baby2baby gala last night with these girls @missfajer@shanidarden 



    were all about the #ShakeShackburgers!"


  • Selma Blair poses with Gwen Stefani at the Baby2Baby gala

    "@baby2baby gala with the devastatingly gorgeous@gwenstefani and

     @derekblasberg only love for these two and this organization."


  • Jessica Alba shares the family love

    "Squeezing our babies tight tonight before heading out to#baby2babygala to raise money for babies in need tonight"


  • Kerry Washington snaps a string of selfies

    "First up: @maxmara &@Allure party to celebrate the beauty teams (hair, make up & wardrobe!) from all the @ShondalandTV shows! Honoring the magicians who work behind the scenes. #ScandalFam #shondaland

    #Love #PrettyCommittees"


  • Beyonce gives Blue Ivy a twirl

  • Reese Witherspoon waffles on

    "What are you looking at, Mister?! #ToddlerTime #FunWithFood



  • It's all about the kitten cuddles for Ellie Goudling

    "Think Wallace was happy to see his Mum! He's GROWN"


  • And Lady Gaga's pooches are all tucked in

    "Make some room angelpigs mommy wants hugs and kisses"


  • Victoria Beckham gushes over David and Brooklyn's game

    "I love my boys. Incredible game today for a wonderful cause @unicef .What David has achieved makes me so proud.I love u X #loveofthegame #matchforchildren"


  • Britney Spears has a proud mum moment

    "My son received an award at school today for being the best encourager!!"


  • Gigi Hadid expresses her pure love for Lily Aldridge

    "This is how @lilyaldridge makes everyone around her feel, because she effortlessly exudes love, light, and support, without fail.
    Happy birthday my lils. You are such a special person and anyone that knows you is lucky for it. Lil sis loves you"


  • Lena Dunham shares her distaste for toesocks

    "Speaking of legs and feet, is anyone gonna arrest my father for this? Please. We as a family need help."


  • Blake Lively gets a sketchy make-over

    "Wow @zero_wls this is amazing! Geeking out over your@mariotestino towel series reimagined"


  • Ruby Rose shows her supported for a defeated Ronda Rousey

    "Still a legend. All true legends have taken many hits. It's about how you get back up.."


  • And it was a special occasion for Olivia Palermo this weekend

    "Happy Anniversary my love @johanneshuebl. Eight wonderful years"


  • Tattoo inspiration from model Jordan Dunn

    "Start the week Fearless #FearIsNotAnOption"


  • Gaga works Grandma's special recipe

    "Making a fresh steak bolognese just like grandma on



  • Whitney Port makes a stand on a desert Island

    "What else am I going to do on a deserted island sand quay thingy?!



     @royaldavuifiji #FIJI"


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