Jameela Jamil really isn’t here for New York City’s sexist weight loss ads

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Susan Devaney
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A billboard shaming women’s bodies has gone up in NYC – and Jameela Jamil is having none of it

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Jameela Jamil has one goal in 2018: to call out any form of media that shames women.

Over the past few months, the actress has highlighted all of the ways that social media can cause women’s “out of control” body images, taken aim at someone for daring to say she was “too old” for Hollywood, and slammed a magazine for body-shaming women in its editorial.

Now, the Good Place actress has taken on the advertising industry, calling out a deeply sexist billboard advert in New York City’s Times Square.

Taking to Twitter, Jamil didn’t hold back, writing: “EVEN TIMES SQUARE IS TELLING WOMEN TO EAT LESS NOW? Have we actually gone mad? Why aren’t there any boys in the ad? Why is it f**king PINK? Because you feel men can look however they want? Their goals are to be successful. But ours are to just be smaller? F**k off, @FlatTummyCo.” 

“This is maddening and heart breaking, and daylight robbery and abuse of women’s self worth,” Jamil concluded. 

The advert in question promotes a lollipop appetite suppressant by The Flat Tummy Company. Aka the very same company that Jamil criticised Kim Kardashian for endorsing.

Alongside a string of screenshots of Kardashian’s post, Jamil tweeted: “No. F**k off. No. You terrible and toxic influence on young girls.

“I admire their mother’s branding capabilities, she is an exploitative but innovative genius, however this family makes me feel actual despair over what women are reduced to.”

Naturally, people on Twitter have given Jamil’s campaign against body-shaming their full approval. 

“Thank you so much for speaking up on this,” one user posted. 

“I hate this. A woman with a tummy is absolutely beautiful and should be appreciated. All women should be worshipped as they are or however they choose to be. Let women be,” another wrote. 

Just a few months ago, Jamil launched an Instagram account, I Weigh, in a bid to get women to “feel valuable and see how amazing we are, and look beyond the flesh on our bones”. With over 50,000 followers the account places value on women’s achievements and values - rather than how many kilograms they weigh.  

You can read Stylist’s latest interview with Jamil here.

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