Jameela Jamil’s comments about trying are a must-read for anyone plagued with self-doubt

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Jessica Rapana
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Jameela Jamil YouTube channel.

The Good Place actor has perfectly summed up how toxic a fear of failure can be, and why it always better just to try.

You’ll never know until you try, or so the saying goes. And yet, for many of us, the thought of trying – and failing – can be too overwhelming. 

So instead, we never try and – worst of all – we never know.

Fortunately, thanks to the wave of podcasts that celebrate things not going right and more people choosing to speak candidly about their mistakes on the road to success, we are slowly dismantling the stigma around this topic, ultimately making failing – and trying – seem less scary.

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Now, Jameela Jamil has perfectly summed up just how “toxic” and paralysing our fear of failure can be in a new video on social media.

“I see tremendous value and honour in trying stuff,” she says in the minute-long clip. “I think trying is winning.”

“This is something I talk about a lot and I really genuinely believe that and I’ve proven that by how many ridiculous things I’ve put myself up for that would result in global humiliation.”

Jamil continues: “Even just my Twitter every day – what am I doing? What am I saying? But it’s because I am willing to put myself out there and because of that, via my periphery, the most incredible opportunities have come up.”

The Good Place actor also touches on how society influences our perspective of failure. “Women, in particular, are told to not even to try. We are dictated as to what our lanes are from as soon as we can understand and that’s so toxic, because there are so many things you are all capable of.”

“That you have no idea about of because you’ve never been encouraged to try because you’ve been fear-mongered around failure. Failure does not exist the only thing that i think failure exists in is not every trying. That’s the biggest failure you can commit.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. 

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