Jennifer Aniston reveals the £18 secret behind her iconic hair

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Ever since she first debuted the ‘Rachel cut’ in Friends all those years ago, Jennifer Aniston’s iconic tresses have been the focus of much attention.

Now, in a new interview, she’s revealed the beauty product she’s been using to keep her beachy waves smooth, healthy and frizz-free – and it’s under £20.

Saying that she prefers to let her hair dry naturally rather than use a hairdryer, Aniston explains that she still needs to use a few key items to ensure that her locks look every bit as good as they do with a professional blow-dry.

Although, naturally, she comes by these bathroom cabinet must-haves a tad easier than us non-celebrity folk: she has a hairstylist pretty much on call at all times.

“My hairstylist Chris McMillan drops off all kinds of products for me to test,” she tells People Style.

Aniston’s “favourite” hair product, though, is one which we can all get our mitts on, as it’s currently selling for £17.99 on Amazon.

She is a fan of Unite 7Seconds Leave-In Detangler.

jennifer aniston detangler hair mist
Jennifer Aniston is a fan of Unite 7Seconds Leave-In Detangler

Waxing lyrical about the product, Aniston says that she mists it into her tresses after washing her hair at home.

“Then I can just let my hair air-dry, and it will eliminate any frizz,” she reveals.

It’s not the first time that Aniston has advocated a simple approach to hair that minimises heat-styling: in 2016, she told Glamour that “the less you mess with your hair, the better” – and went on to reveal that she doesn’t even use hot water in the shower.

“Hot water is never good for your hair or skin, so I wash in warm water,” she stressed.

“If I’m working then I usually do wash it, because it has to have continuity, but if I’m not working I try to give my hair a break for as many days as possible.

“After the gym, if I have to be somewhere, I usually just throw some heat on it to dry the sweat and then do a little dry shampoo and a little Night Cap, and I’m fresh as a daisy.”

Aniston added that she makes a point of leaving as long as possible between washes, in order to keep her hair looking as sleek and shiny as possible.

“I can last a good three or four days without washing my hair,” she said.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Aniston, it’s definitely good enough for us.

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