Jennifer Aniston and Melissa McCarthy debate climate change in a hilarious sketch

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Susan Devaney
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Actresses Jennifer Aniston and Melissa McCarthy debate science in a funny sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Melissa McCarthy is not happy with every single scientist in the world. So much so, she’s calling them – and Jennifer Aniston – out on spreading lies. 

Appearing on American TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedic pair acted out a hilarious sketch about global warming, and whether gravity is real or not.

Dressed as a menorah, McCarthy starts off by addressing climate change:

“As you know, there has been a lot of talk these days about the environment, our changing climate and global warming. As some people say, it’s real. And then the really smart people, they know it’s a rouse, invented by the Illuminati,” said McCarthy, who was filling in for regular host Jimmy Kimmel. 

“But there is an even bigger issue facing our planet, one that has gone undebunked for hundreds of years.”

And then a clip follows, featuring “Melissa McCarthy, a famous person”, saying: “There’s a subject the mainstream media doesn’t want you to hear about.”

“They say we shouldn’t ask questions. They say it’s ‘settled science,’” she continues. “They call people who disagree with them ‘duh-nye-urz.’ Of course, I’m talking about gravity.”

McCarthy dressed as a menorah on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Then Jennifer Aniston, also known as “Junifer Ooniston” appears on screen.

“Who told you that gravity is real?” McCarthy asks Aniston.

“Pretty much every scientist in the world told me that,” she replies.

They continue to argue about global warming, and a physical fight ensues.

Aniston then appears on screen in a harness – to prove gravity exists – and the two continue to brawl, with the scene ending:

“Put a sock in it, Rachel,” McCarthy says – referring to her well-known character, Rachel Green from Friends.

“Don’t you call me Rachel!,” Aniston quips back.

Watch the full video below:

Images: YouTube