From Reese Witherspoon's friendship tribute to David Beckham as James Bond: the week's best A-list Instagrams

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Nicola Rachel Colyer

Reese Witherspoon shouts out to her leading ladies on National Best Friend Day, while David Beckham gets into character and Miranda Kerr flashes her new wedding ring. 

Come dive into all the action, right here.

  • Blake Lively's rolling with it

    Life can be so sweet ...even when your face is covered in clumpy sunscreen and you have no idea but are still feelin good.



  • David Beckham gets his Bond on with James Corden

  • We're totally on board with Jessica Biel's logic

    Today is #NationalGardeningDay. This is tequila. It's made from agave plants. Which are grown in a garden. So this is me gardening.


  • Alexa Chung picks up a wet weather friend




  • Heidi Klum gives it a twirl

    Twirling in @zacposen


  • Reese Witherspoon celebrates with her mini-me

    No better way to celebrate the @DraperJames X @Netaporter 
    collaboration than with my nearest and dearest!!


  • Iman shares a touching tribute to David Bowie

  • Ruby Rose is feeling the love for Anna Kendrick

    Babe town @annakendrick47 @jessicaveronica 
    and a 3rd wheel. Thank you Anna for the honor of presenting you with a much deserved award for Glamour Magazines DOPEST BITCHIN FIDGET SPINER WRITER AWARD…


  • ...and Jessica Biel joins in

    In celebration of #NationalDonutDay, I’m about to go full Homer Simpson on these bad boys.


  • Drew Barrymore touches up on the go

    #commuterbeauty for all us girls on the go @thenewstand at Columbuscircirlcle hub and at a local ferrys to be determined hold please and thank you


  • Kate Beckinsale throws it back

    #FBF First ever trip to LA. I was so excited to show my friends how big sandwiches were in America that I got claustrophobia in my dungarees and had to try and air out my neck


  • Jessica Chastain wants you to get in line

    Ok ladies, now let's get in formation. 
    @gal_gadot #PattyJenkins



  • Karlie Kloss kicks back with an old flame

    High school sweetheart



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