One of Trump’s sexual assault accusers says he has pulled off “the biggest con possible”

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Moya Crockett
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Donald Trump swept to victory in the US election last week, in a shift that many people interpreted as a sign that American voters either don’t believe – or simply don’t care about – the myriad sexual assault allegations hanging over his head.

Now, one of the women to accuse Trump of a sex crime has spoken out – saying that the notoriously ruthless businessman has pulled off “the biggest con possible” in becoming President-elect of the United States.

Jill Harth, once a business partner of Trump’s, said that she was struggling to process the results of the US election, which saw Hillary Clinton win 232 of the electoral votes to Trump’s 290.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the man who used to get annoyed at me for being so respectful and friendly to ‘the help’ and who introduced me to people by how many millions they were worth is now the president of the United States,” Harth told the Guardian.

She added that she had witnessed Trump “judge women solely on their youthful looks and attractiveness to him whether they were in a beauty contest or not”.

According to Harth, a make-up artist, Trump assaulted her during a “tour” of his Mar-a-Lago estate in 1993. He allegedly shoved her up against a wall in his daughter’s bedroom, began groping her and “tried to get up [her] dress”.

In 1997, she filed a lawsuit accusing Trump of “attempted ‘rape’”. While she later dropped the charges, the case is still on the books, and she has always stood by her story.

She said that although Trump “was elected by hard-working, blue-collar workers and women” who believed that he would put their interests first, she did not witness any evidence of this when they worked together in the 1990s.

The people who voted for Trump, she said, are “the same [kind of] people he showed utter disdain for when I worked with him and spent time with him on a personal level”.

Harth continued that she was “saddened” that voters had fallen for “his superficial tough guy act”, explaining that the biggest laugh to her was how “loyal” Trump is supposed to be.

“I personally witnessed and experienced the opposite from him,” she said. “He promised big things and never delivered. He turned on and hurt me and other friends and colleagues who were good to him, helped him, did what they promised they would do and were loyal and supportive to him. He used me [and] my colleagues for his own purpose and is now using the American people to get the power and adulation he always craved.”

Ultimately, Harth said that “Trump will always be a cartoon character to me; all show and no go.

“He pulled off the biggest con possible. Now time will tell what happens next. I’m hoping for the best, I really am, but afraid he will leave many of us as roadkill.”

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