JK Rowling just expertly schooled another Trump on Twitter – again

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Susan Devaney
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Twitter has, once again, applauded the author for her expert takedown. 

JK Rowling knows a thing or two on how to deliver shade on social media in the smartest way possible.

From Piers Morgan and Theresa May to Donald Trump, the undisputed queen of Twitter has never been one to shy away from calling people out on their… well, their idiocy.

So when Donald Trump Jr. dropped a clanger on Twitter, Rowling did not hold back.

It all kicked off when Trump Jr. shared a snap on Twitter of his young daughter Chloe dressed up for Halloween, clutching a bucket full of candy after trick-or-treating.

He captioned it: “I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight and give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never too early to teach her about socialism.”

Yes, really.

It wasn’t long before Rowling swooped in to inform Trump Jr. that he really, really didn’t understand the concept of socialism. At all.

“Fill her bucket with old candy left by her great-grandfather, then explain that she has more because she’s smarter than all the other kids,” she wrote, referring to Trump Jr.’s inherited wealth from his father President Donald Trump (a man who also picked up huge sums of money from his parents). 

Rowling wasn’t the only one to call Trump Jr. out on his mistake: she soon found herself backed up by her fellow celebrities, many of whom couldn’t resist pointing out his grammatical error, too. 

Actor Zach Braff, wrote: “She was given candy for free. You inherited all your money. You met with Russian spies. It’s ‘too’.”

And musician John Legend – who has a young daughter, too – joked that it was good of him to teach her about socialism, as well as nepotism and fraud.

“You teach her about nepotism and fraud everyday. I guess it’s good to teach socialism to mix it up.”

Actor Kumial Nanjiani also pointed out his poor grammar, saying: “Will you teach her the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too?’”

“My man, ‘socialism’ was her getting that free candy in the first place. You taking half for reasons she can’t understand is capitalism,” one social media user posted. 


Once again, Rowling rules the Internet.

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