JK Rowling finally ‘confirms’ a fan’s dark Harry Potter theory

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JK Rowling has revealed her favourite Harry Potter fan theory, ever. 

When it comes to fan theories relating to Harry Potter, JK Rowling has heard them all – but there’s one that the award-winning author has always believed in herself.

In between all of the wand waving, complicated characters, fantastical storylines and time travel, it’s a possibility that in and among this huge fantasy universe a whole new plausible theory about Dumbledore lies.

That’s right, Rowling’s hand-picked fan theory is about everyone’s favourite headmaster, Dumbledore.

“What’s your favourite fan theory?,” one user asked on Twitter.

“Dumbledore as death. It’s a beautiful theory, and it fits,” the author responded.  

The theory in question really does make sense and it’s one that fans have been exploring for years now.

As all HP fans know, within the books lies the story of the Tale of Three Brothers. In the tale, three brothers come upon a river that’s too dangerous to cross. By magic, they summon a bridge and crossover, but this causes the hooded figure of death to appear.

Death is annoyed that they tried to trick him, so it does the same back to them. It offers them each a prize. The first ask for the Elder Wand, the second asks for a resurrection stone and the third asks for the invisibility cloak.

Two of the brothers die, but the third lives and passes down the invisibility cloak to his son, before greeting “death as an old friend”.

So, of course, the fan theory suggests Voldemort is the first brother, Snape is the second and the third is Harry Potter. Therefore, Dumbledore is death. And it was Dumbledore who passed the invisibility cloak from James Potter to Harry. 

The theory in question really does make sense and it’s one that fans have been exploring for years now

And then in the Deathly Hallows Part Two, Harry is shot with a killing curse and as he meets Dumbledore in King’s Cross station, Dumbledore calls him an “old friend”.

We’re on board with it, too.

Some HP fans have also exposed some of the series’ biggest plot holes, too.

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