JK Rowling shares her simple trick for getting through a tough time on Twitter

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Susan Devaney
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JK Rowling reveals that she reads biographies to soothe her stress, and people have responded with their own great book suggestions for helping to keep calm.        

If there is one person who knows the true power of the written word, it’s JK Rowling.

Having penned numerous books, plays and scripts, Rowling is considered to be not only one of the most successful writers in the world, but the wealthiest.

Which is why it comes as no great surprise that during tough times the Harry Potter author turns to books to make her feel better – specifically biographies.

After being asked by a fan on Twitter which books she turns to for comfort, Rowling responded:

“To tell you the truth, when I’m really stressed or overwhelmed I turn to biographies of people who’ve led turbulent lives. I find it soothing and inspiring to read about people who’ve endured and overcome.”

But if anyone knows about getting through a tough time, it’s Rowling. In the book, Very Good Lives, the best-selling author describes hitting “rock bottom” as a single parent on benefits in the UK. But, against all odds, she went on to create the Harry Potter franchise, selling 400 million books to date.

And fans on Twitter have shared how Rowling’s books always manage to make them feel calm. 

“Dragging myself through another bout of severe depression and re-reading the Harry Potter series to strengthen my Patronus. A million thanks to JK Rowling for the magical escape that’s always there when it’s needed,” one user posted. 

“Those stories saved their author, too. Nothing makes me happier than to think that they went out into the world to do the same for other people. Keep that Patronus powerful,” Rowling replied.

And people have taken to Twitter to share other biography suggestions. 

“I read 1812: Napoleon’s Fatal March on Moscow by Adam Zamoyski. However bad I’m having it, they had it worse,” one user posted.

“I love Stephen King’s book On Writing where he tells of his reaction when his agent called him to tell him what they got for the paperback sales of Carrie and how he fell to the floor and how his wife burst into tears. Stories like that are always uplifting,” another user posted.

“I have Scottish women in history who fought sexism and the system to achieve their goals and pave the way for the rest of us on my desktop. Elsie Inglis, Sophia Jex-Blake and Edinburgh 7, Victoria Drummond, Mairi Chisolm to name a few. When I feel like giving up, I look there,” another user posted.

“You should try A Woman In Berlin by anon. A great read about living there in 1945,” another user posted.

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