“Live in real life, not online” Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders share their advice for twenty-something women

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Harriet Hall
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We’ve been waiting for what feels a lifetime for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and finally the day hath cometh. Patsy Stone and Edwina Monsoon are back and they’re more outrageously brilliant than ever before. spoke with Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley and took the opportunity to grill the pair behind two of the most badly behaved, devil-may-care, un-PC characters on our screens on advice to twenty-something women, the one character that never made it into the show and whether or not Pasty and Eddie are feminists.

In our filmed interview, which you can watch below, Saunders asserts twenty-something women need to “live in real life. So less online,” when asked what life guidance she could impart.

“Stop looking at your screen and look at your friend and I would say, if you’re with a friend, turn your phone off. So that you’re with that person for that moment.”

“I don’t have a phone – nobody believes that,” adds Lumley.

The pair advocate growing old disgracefully, just like their on-screen counterparts, with Lumley saying: “Just do it. I mean, look at the film, look what they do, they don’t care.”

“It’s to not care what the world thinks so much, you know. You’ve got limited time left – go for it,” adds Saunders.

But through all their sage wisdom, Saunders and Lumley admit that Patsy and Eddie perhaps aren’t the best mentors to have – certainly when it comes to feminism.

“I don’t think they’re feminists,” says Saunders. “Eddie probably thinks she’s a feminist because it’s trendy and she wants to be politically everything that everyone thinks is cool.”

“I don’t think Patsy knows what it means,” adds Lumley. Probably true, but we still love them.

Watch the full interview below, and hear Patsy and Eddie’s political manifesto here