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The world can seem like a dark and frightening place at times, which is why it’s important to grab onto the little things that bring us joy and not. Let. Go. Today, the thing that’s bringing us unmitigated delight is this video of Dame Judi Dench, rapping with London grime legend Lethal Bizzle.

Dench the woman is an 82-year-old British icon, revered for decades for her phenomenal acting on stage and screen. “Dench” the word is Lethal Bizzle’s catchphrase, meaning – per Urban Dictionary – “another meaning for ‘sick’ or nice”. Which makes perfect sense, given that Dame Judi is basically the living, breathing embodiment of both of those things.

The perfect pairing were brought together by LadBible, and we’ve never wished we were in a room more. Dench is absolutely delighted by everything, particularly when Lethal Bizzle presents her with a hat reading “STAY DENCH” (the name of his clothing label).

judi dench rapping lethal bizzle
Lethal Bizzle and Judi Dench: “This is an excellent size.”

“Ooh I say, look at this,” says Dame Judi excitedly, in that wonderfully plummy accent. “Can I wear it?”

“Yeah yeah, go for it,” replies Lethal Bizzle. “Is that a good size, yeah?”

She adjusts it on her head like a crown, before fixing him with a piercing blue stare. “This is an excellent size.”

judi dench rapping lethal bizzle
DENCH: Lethal Bizzle and Dame Judi.

Other highlights include Dench learning the term “gang rolling” (“What? What does that mean?”) and Lethal Bizzle collapsing in giggles after she raps the phrase “big big batty on the left”. Dame Judi also initially thinks that the line is “big big baddie on the left”, which is so sweet it made our hearts hurt a bit.

Suddenly, all we want is for Judi Dench and Lethal Bizzle to be friends forever. Think about how much they could learn from one another! (She is very wise, as we learned when she shared her life lessons with us, and he’s clearly taught her a lot already.) Think about all the fun they’d have! In our dreams, they’re having tea and cake together in a café in East London right now.

You can watch “Judi Dizzle” and Lethal Bizzle rapping in the video below. Enjoy.

Images: Youtube / LadBible / Rex Features


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