Julia Roberts is already done with people asking her this question

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Susan Devaney
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Julia Roberts explains why she’s done with sexist questions about ageing in Hollywood. 

Since rising to critical acclaim in Mystic Pizza back in 1998, Julia Roberts is now undisputedly one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses. With over 25 years gracing our screens and starring in countless great films – such as Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich and Eat Pray Love – you’d be forgiven for thinking that she wouldn’t be subjected to sexist questioning about the difficulties of ageing as a woman.

But as many an actress in Hollywood knows – from Meryl Streep to Cate Blanchett - it’s a topic that has experienced a lot of hot dispute in recent years, especially after a woman turns 40.

Which is why, having marked the milestone of her 50th birthday on 28 October, Roberts is already done with the way in which the media keep asking her about it. Instead of allowing her to enjoy it, Roberts feels as though reporters are insinuating she should be fearful of it (because, you know, women aren’t allowed to age). 

“Really, people?,” Roberts asked in a recent interview with InStyle.

“Are we still in that space? Did anyone go over this with George Clooney or Brad [Pitt] before their 50th birthdays?”

Referring to how men in the film industry are not subjected to the same scrutiny as they age (because they mature like fine wines, right?).

“I always love my birthday, and [celebrate] with open arms and gratitude…. There’s nothing different about this birthday than any other one,” Roberts said. 

And she’s not the only actress to feel this way. Recently, Penélope Cruz spoke to Gwyneth Paltrow for Interview magazine about feeling fed up with being asked “crazy” questions about her age. 

Penélope Cruz is fed up with being asked “crazy” questions about her age. 

“Journalists have been asking me, since I was, like, 22, ‘Are you afraid of aging?’” she said. “That is such a crazy question for a 22-year-old girl or, for that matter, for a 42-year-old.

“I combat that craziness by refusing to answer the question. In fact, when it comes to talking about ageing as an actress, I feel like, ‘What the f**k? I’m not going to give you even two minutes to honour your question. It doesn’t deserve that.’”

We’re all ageing, so let’s enjoy doing so!

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