From Reese Witherspoon's school days to Lupita Nyong'o's big revelation: this week's best A-list Instagrams

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Reese Witherspoon goes old school with a trip down memory lane, while Lupita Nyong'o can't contain her excitement over her latest revelation and Vogue Williams takes a stand against body-shaming.

Come dive into all the A-list Instagram action right here.

  • Lupita Nyong'o reveals her Vogue cover

    LOVE. Thank you @VogueMagazine, @MarioTestino, @TonneGood, @VernonFrancois, @DilokritBarose, @TeamID. #QueenOfKatwe


  • Elle Macpherson throws it back

    Thowback to @1989 NYC - sitting on my balcony 61 st and Madison- I think my business partner Simon de winter made those socks - scrunchies ! Now we're making undies @ellemacphersonbody


  • Mindy Kaling joins Cartman for tea

    Soul mates


  • Jessica Biel's blown away

    How's my hair? @discoverycubela


  • Reese Witherspoon goes old school

    #TBT #BackToSchoolvibes (Yes, my dress has 'Reese' stitched on the front ...)


  • Vogue Williams stands up to trolls

    This one is for everyone who made ridiculous comments about my weight yesterday. Regardless of if I'm a size 6 or 26 it's nobody's business and nobody has the right to body shame me or anyone else. I'm 5'11 a size 8/10, 64kgs and 17% body fat, that's my healthy weight and I'm not changing it for anyone. It's no wonder so many people suffer with body image issues. Be careful with your words because next time you may get someone that is not as strong as me. Better still if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.


  • Naomi Campbell hides out

    #trappedinasafe @samerhalimehny 

    #staytuned ......... #makeupfree 



  • Lena Dunham bids Girls farewell

    Today on set I said the words "I've got my fake nipples on and I'm ready to party!" Gonna miss this job... #goodbyegirls #endofGIRLS #seriesfinale by @timives


  • Cara Delevingne goes pop

    I think I've blown it


  • Hilaria Baldwin takes a stand against body shaming

    I took this yesterday when Leonardo was about 24 hours old. I did the same thing right after Rafael was born. It always makes me a bit nervous to do something like this, but I feel that in the age of such strong body shaming, I want to do all that I can to normalize a real body and promote healthy self esteem. Many of you know that I love to show the process of life's experiences on the body and I am a firm believer in how a good diet and the right balance of exercise make us happy, healthy, and strong. So from here on, I want to dedicate the majority of my#366daysoflivingclearly #hilarialcm daily posts to getting back in shape and I invite you to do it with me ❤️??. Common questions last time were:
    Did I have a c section?: No, I pushed him out
    Where are all the pads for bleeding?: I took them out briefly to snap this pic as there is a limit to how much you need to see. Where am I?: in the hospital room bathroom #glamour 
    Oh, and no filter. Just brightened it up a bit.


  • Lionel Richie gets protective

    "Cover it up"


  • Kate Hudson wins the seat lottery

    We make our own sunshine Best plane run in ever! Love you Papa Steven


  • Sarah Jessica Parker discovers the power of the Digestive

    Oh my l-rd. I am now an official member of the McVitie's Biscuit Club. I'm not worthy. Thank you all at The McVitie's Biscuit team. It's too much. Really. It's too much. X, Sj
    PS I really wish I could share them with all of you!


  • Stella McCartney receives a sweet birthday wish

    Happy Birthday to my god mommy I love you  @stellamccartney


  • Jessica Chastain lets loose with post-its

    Ran out of post-its. Memoir of a nerd at work #womanwalksahead


  • Alexa Chung reveals a hidden talent

    And able to fly.


  • Michelle Obama, Bradley Cooper and Ellen DeGeneres have fun on set

    It's gonna be a good day.


  • January Jones celebrates with a throwback

    This one goes out to us my son.. 5yrs ago today I became whole because you came into this world.


  • Naomi Campbell goes barefaced

    #thankyou @traciemartyn #makeup free


  • Kate Hudson celebrates a father-daughter success

    Special time sharing this film with my Pa #DeepwaterHorizon #TIFF


  • Reese Witherspoon gets inspired

    Don't these ladies define #MondayMuse!? Love catching up & hearing about their incredible films. #WomenInFilm #TIFF16


  • Kendall Jenner kicks back

    thank you @Daveophillyand @jeffbeacher for taking care of me in NYC. #nyfw


  • Sarah Jessica Parker shares her stash in London

    To all my friends in London, the secret's out. Tomorrow I'll be at @superdrugloves at 10am and at@bootsuk at 1pm for the official (and much anticipated) UK launch of@sjpbeauty STASH. Congratulations to all winners. (If you won but haven't yet received the details, you will shortly!) Doors open at 9am. So looking forward to seeing many of you there. I doubt I'll sleep a wink. X, Sj


  • Emma Roberts gets fashion week ready

    Getting ready for the @coach show ! Cannot wait to see the beauty @stuartvevers has dreamed up this time!!


  • Alexa Chung returns to TV

    Back on TV again. #series2 #nevergetsold PS. Let me know when hotpants aren't age appropriate cuz I'm confused.


  • Lupita Nyong'o gets red carpet ready

    The small one became the big one on the red carpet last night for the @QueenOfKatweMovie premiere! Love you, Madina! #tiff2016 #MadinaNalwanga


  • The supers reunite

    Thank you everyone for being so supportive of the #KNOTONMYPLANET campaign and all your pictures in beautiful knots! I'm sharing this picture because these three ladies have been role models to me all my life and I'm so grateful that they took the time to come together to shoot this picture last night in @patrickdemarchelier his studio which made it such an iconic moment to be part of! Forever grateful (link in bio to donate) 


  • Jaime King pays tribute

    Never to be forgotten the Angels and heroes that lost their lives today September 11th. To those that did not choose, to those that lost their loved ones, to those that banded together through the ash and the rubble. We are the United States of America and we stand together in times of tragedy and in times of reflection. #9/11


  • Beyoncé rolls in

  • Victoria Beckham takes Girl Power to the streets of NYC

    Good night #NYC.I [heart] U!! Kisses from Times Square X VB #girlpower


  • Cara Delevingne scoots off

    Thank you @Raytroniksfor my custom @scootebike


  • The Saturdays recruit a new member

    We stole the bride @misssarahforeman!! Wanna join our band?


  • Kate Hudson takes on a mother-daughter bike ride

    Mama Goldie tearing up a single track! #LoveMyMama #ProudDaughter


  • Lena Dunham gets cosy

    I hope everyone has a weekend this cozy! RG from a very horrified @jennikonner #rockabyebaby


  • Jamie Oliver shares a sweet shot with baby River

    Morning folks have a cracking day


  • Poppy and Cara Delevingne show off their sister style

    Where the wild things are... #BM16 #FauxFur by @jvalentineinc


  • Gisele plays ball

    Don't worry guys. I will keep him ready. #Brady'scamp #IwillwhatIwant Não se preocupem. Ele vai estar preparado.


  • Victoria Beckham gets hands-on at NYFW

    Thank u @esteelauderand @jueligeradrienne! Beautiful makeup at today's show from my #VBxEsteeLauder collection x vb #VBSS17 #NYFW


  • ... while Brooklyn Beckham lends a hand...

    So happy to have @brooklynbeckham with me in NY! X I love u so much!! X #VBSS17 #NYFW X Xkisses VB


  • ... and the rest of the clan send sweet words of support

    Feeling loved this morning I love you @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham X Kisses from NY VB #VBSS17 #NYFW


  • Reese Witherspoon gets glam for date night

    Smitten!!! #TIFF#DateNight


  • Emilia Clarke snaps a selfie

    Well hi there LA.... You sure are bringing in that sunshine for the Emmys now 


  • Katie Holmes enjoys a quiet moment

    #blessed #goodnight #gratitude #happybirthdaymom #family #love