Keira Knightley shares daughter’s brilliant four-letter reaction to Trump’s victory

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Donald Trump’s victory

Including, quite brilliantly, Keira Knightley’s 19-month-old daughter Edie.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show Christmas Special, which airs this Saturday, Knightley described how Edie joined her and husband James Righton in watching Trump’s victory speech last month.

But while they were both certainly thinking it, it was actually the pair’s daughter who summed up her feelings over the controversial news with a four-letter expletive.

Joining Paul Hollywood, Miranda Hart, Kylie Minogue and David Walliams on the chat show sofa, Knightley first explained how Edie has been ‘talking a lot’.

“She’s literally repeating everything we say so we’re having to be really careful,” the actor noted, before describing how things unfolded in the Knightley household on election night.

“I went back to bed and my husband is on his phone and he was like 'Trump has won', so like many people we were very awake after that moment and you know watching the TV,” she explained.

“Edie didn’t wake up until about eight in the morning at which point I think he was giving his victory speech.

“I brought her into bed and she's like this watching the television, completely silently and totally still for about four minutes, and she rolls over onto her back and she closes her eyes and she goes 'f---'!”

Naturally, it wasn’t quite what she was expecting from her toddler, but Knightley, who joined campaign efforts to encourage more Americans to vote (for Hillary), conceded that it was a ‘very proud’ moment regardless.

The Atonement star also revealed that she’d been holding Christmas Day trial runs for her young daughter, in the hope that Edie might be able to make it through a lengthy session at the dinner table.

“We've actually been testing out and making Sunday roasts to see if she could sit at the table for long enough for Christmas dinner.

“And all that keeps happening is she looks at the brussel sprouts and she goes, 'Ball! Ball!' and she grabs them and lobs them at you.

“It's actually quite astonishing how much that hurts. So I'm hoping that doesn't happen on Christmas day.”

Edie sounds like a hoot to us.

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