Forget celebrity, Kelly Clarkson wants you to know that she’s actually “very normal”

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Ahead of the launch of her much-anticipated chat show, Kelly Clarkson has revealed new details about her TV hosting debut. Standby to sing along…

What with her empowering anthems, hilarious sense of humour and down-to-earth attitude, we didn’t think it was humanly possible to love Kelly Clarkson any more than we do already. Then came the news that come September, she’d be getting her very own talk show, and we upgraded our membership to the Kelly Clarkson Appreciation Society.

Now, the reigning queen of American Idol has revealed juicy new details about what her new show will entail when she takes to the world of daytime TV on 9 September. 

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In case you’re in need of a memory refresh, the singer’s new talk show will be a fun mixture of celebrity interviews, games, performances and segments filmed on-the-street with audiences, and, rather excitingly, will also feature live music from Clarkson and her backing band. 

According to the singer, the new show, which is scheduled to air just before The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the afternoons, will also be “really inclusive”, and connect with a wide-ranging audience of all ages and backgrounds. Since Valari Staab, president of NBC Universal Owned Television Stations, has already sung the praises of the singer’s “openness, honesty and curiosity”, it looks like Clarkson is right at home as a host.

In a new interview with E! News, Clarkson piqued our interest a little further with new details of the show’s format. If you’re prone to belting out a Clarkson hit when you’ve had a few glasses on Friday night, you’ll be pleased to know that there’ll be plenty of opportunity to exercise your own powerhouse vocals. 

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“We start every show with a song so I’m covering an artist I really like and I’m in my element so I’m comfortable,” she explained. “By the time I get down here, it became very easy.”

Cover versions are going to be a key component of the show, Clarkson continued, which is excellent news if you’re addicted to watching pop stars put their own spin on their contemporaries’ work. 

“I feel like a tool covering myself on my own show,” she added. “I love artists and I’ve been covering people on tour for over a decade and it’s kind of the thing that goes viral with my tour so we thought to incorporate it here.”

The talk show isn’t going to be a celebrity red carpet rollout either. If you’ve ever imagined yourself hanging out at the weekend with Clarkson, eating takeaway and watching a classic rom-com, then your girl-next-door radar is spot-on.

“The whole show is for everyone,” she shared. “I am a celebrity but I’m not. I’m very normal. I have normal friends. I don’t hang out with celebrities - not that there’s anything wrong with them.”

“I want a show like that, to bridge that gap. I feel like there’s a huge gap between whatever celebrity means or status or level and then everyday people. I’m that person. I want the show to be super inclusive. I want everybody,” she continued.

If you’re feeling like you can’t wait until the premiere, you can watch a hilarious teaser of Clarkson in action, which follows the singer filming introductions for the show.

And seeing as no topic is off limits for Clarkson, it looks like we can expect the new chat show to really feel like a no-holds-barred catch-up with our best friends. Finally, the #MondayMotivation we’ve all been looking for.

The Kelly Clarkson Show premieres on Monday 9 September. You can check your listings here.

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