Kim Cattrall reveals why she’s turning her back on Hollywood

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Kayleigh Dray
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Kim Cattrall recently dazzled us in BBC One’s latest Agatha Christie drama, The Witness for the Prosecution - and she’s hinted at a Samantha Jones spin-off series for HBO’s Sex and the City.

However the talented actor has since confirmed that she, like so many other women in the spotlight, has seen her career affected by pervasive ageism in the film industry.

She told Woman magazine: “It's lovely to be working as an actress - especially now the parts are fewer and harder to get.

“I think to myself, ‘Wow, I've survived.’”

Cattrall went on to explain that, while she very much wants to continue as an actor, she is no longer interested in pursuing Hollywood. In fact, she’s turning her back on it completely, to focus her attentions on television and theatre.

“I think my ambitions are to keep going,” she said. “Hollywood is not the place where I see myself though, it hasn't been since I turned 40, let alone 60.

“Those big Hollywood movies are fun, but not the stories I want to tell.”

While many of us will be making a series of New Year’s resolutions for 2017, Cattrall has admitted that she rarely sticks to her own pledges.

However she does fully intend to work on her tech skills - and, perhaps more excitingly, she has plans to throw herself into the adventurous world of kayaking.

“I’d like to get better at kayaking,” she said. “I find it very meditative, bit I'm a little fearful because where I live there's a lot of current, so I'm still a bit tentative about not getting back to shore.

“But I really love it because the views are of the trees, birds, otters, sea lions and eagles - beautiful.”

Consider us inspired; we think we might just have to add kayaking to our list of pledges for 2017, too…