Kristen Bell reveals the one big thing that most marriages lack in 2018

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Susan Devaney
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The Good Place actress got real about marriages in 2018. 

Kristen Bell has always been very open about the trials and tribulations of her 10-year relationship with her husband Dax Shepard. In short, she’s made sure to make one thing very clear: it’s no easy feat.

Which is why Bell has continued the conversation by discussing the lack of honesty in marriages today during an appearance on The View.

“I think that the one thing that marriages don’t have anymore is honesty,” Bell explained. “We’re playing this sort of Ken and Barbie game, like, ‘These are the rules and they should be applicable to everyone.’”

“I just don’t think that they always work for everyone,” Bell continued. “I also personally believe that attractiveness coming from your partner towards someone, the idea of being offended by that, it’s not really about your partner.”

“It’s about your narcissism,” she said. “And you need to identify that you’re questioning, ‘Why am I not good enough?’”

Bell then went onto admit that their honesty stems to them discussing the fact that they find other people attractive, which helps to keep their relationship in an honest place.

“I’m also attracted to other guys because some other guys are very handsome. But me being attracted to another man, I know because I’m experiencing it, has absolutely nothing to do with my husband,” she shared.

“So I know for a fact that when he experiences the same thing, it doesn’t have anything to do with me not being good enough,” Bell continued.

The actress then spoke about whether or not the couple apply boundaries to their marriage and if she experiences jealously.

“The jealousy issues that I would have towards my husband are not me dealing with my issues of inadequacy,” Bell responded.

“We talk very openly about other people we’re attracted to. And we usually find the same people [attractive]. Like we both find Jennifer Lopez attractive. We both find Taylor Kitsch attractive.”

Earlier this week, the Veronica Mars actress also opened up about her struggle to keep “s**t together”.

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