Kristen Bell doesn’t have her “s**t together” – and this is how it’s impacting her career

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Susan Devaney
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Kristen Bell has opened up about her relationship with Dax Shephard, and how she struggles on a daily basis just like everybody else. 

From the outside, Kristen Bell looks like she’s reached a very good place. She’s carved out a great career for herself – having starred in Frozen, The Boss and Bad Moms – and she’s got a solid family unit around her in the form of her husband, Dax Shepard and her daughter.

But, just like us, she also struggles to keep it all together on a daily basis.

“I know from the outside it can look like, ‘Oh! She’s got it so together! And has a career that looks nice and is doing all these things with these charities,’” Bell told the Guardian. “But I am struggling to keep it together on a day-to-day basis, and I know that’s what everyone feels like, so that’s what I like to see in my characters.”

And, staying true to her word, we’ve already witnessed these struggles on screen as she’s played the role of Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place and as Rachel Hamilton in Netflix’s Like Father, and thankfully, we’ll see more of it in the revival of Veronica Mars next year.

“It’s not high school crime anymore,” says Bell. “It’s going to be Veronica as an adult, so it’s going to be different … and I mean that from an emotional perspective of what Veronica’s dealing with. She’s going to take on much bigger problems.”

Taking on bigger problems is something that Bell seems to do a lot. From animal rights to international child hunger, Bell gives her time to multiple charities.

“I personally think it’s a responsibility that if you’re lucky enough to have been handed a microphone in your short time on this planet, use it. Use it.”

Is it any wonder then that Bell recently admitted that she smokes weed in her downtime? 

“I like my vape pen quite a bit and I smoke around my husband. It doesn’t seem to bother him,” she revealed on a recent episode of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. “Weed rules.”

She added: “Once a week, if I am exhausted and we are about to sit down and watch 60 Minutes, why not?” 

Shepard, who’s 14 years sober, no longer drinks or takes drugs which led people on social media to question whether or not it’s acceptable to smoke weed in front of an addict.

“That would be like a diabetic expecting their partner to never eat dessert. Get real!” he tweeted in response. 

Maybe it’s this level of respect shown towards each other’s differences that allows their marriage to keep going strong?

“I’m the polar opposite of my husband and that is not hyperbolic. We disagree on 99.9% of things and we argue all the time,” Bell said. However, their small similarities are vital. “We both have the type of brain that likes to be stimulated by the devil’s advocate point of view, so it totally works.”

Veronica Mars is due to air on the small screen in 2019. Stay tuned.

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