Kylie Minogue just taught us all a valuable lesson about knowing our own worth

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Kylie Minogue just taught us all a valuable lesson about knowing our own worth

Kylie Minogue definitely knows a thing or two about self-love and appreciation…

In the last few years, research has found that, for women, there’s nothing quite as terrible as being seen as cocky or too confident. And it seems as if our reasoning for this is rooted in some logic, despite being horribly depressing: women who are assertive or forceful (aka intent on pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals) are perceived as 35% less competent than non-assertive women, according to a 2015 VitalSmarts study. And one Stanford University paper, which compared employees with certain masculine traits – like being “aggressive, assertive, and confident” – with feminine traits such as “acting like a lady”, found that a woman can’t step outside of her traditional role without making waves, or experiencing a backlash.

“To be successful, you must be assertive and confident, but if you are aggressive as a woman you are sometimes punished for behaving in ways that are contrary to the feminine stereotype,” the researchers theorised.

However, when it comes to careers, it’s essential that women learn to shout about our strengths and successes – which is why it’s so refreshing to see Kylie Minogue using Twitter to shout out about her own achievements.

Minogue’s name has been in the charts ever since she released the Locomotion back in 1987. So, to celebrate her 50th birthday, the singer decided to use the opportunity to celebrate her 31-year career in the spotlight.

“And so a new decade begins,” she wrote on Twitter. “[And] how thankful I am for the opportunities life has afforded me…”

Channelling all the positivity of our Big Yourself Up campaign, Minogue began her homage to herself by sharing pics from the late Eighties through most of the Nineties.

“Some moments from 1988 to 1998,” she wrote, sharing four images alongside her tweet (including a classic Rolling Stone cover and filming Where the Wild Roses Grow with Nick Cave).

“Too. Many. To. Choose. From,” she added, pointing out that she “did a lot in my 20s!”

Minogue then shared a second set of photos, which tracked her career up until 2008.

Fever really got me good,” she said, referring to her smash-hit album. “Five tours and five albums kept me busy.”

Of course, fans will know that Minogue was diagnosed with cancer during this same decade, and the Australian pop star underwent radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and a partial mastectomy during her battle with the disease.

It wasn’t until February 2006 that she was given the all-clear – and she made sure to reference this in her Twitter retrospective.

“This decade also brought the challenge of breast cancer,” she said, asking fans to donate to Breast Cancer Care in her honour. 

“With the help of family, friends, medical teams and of course all of you, we made it through.”

Minogue finished her Twitter reflections with some photos from her X and Aphrodite tours, before dropping the video for her new single Golden – a title which, she says, refers to her “golden years”.

Speaking about the single (taken from her new country-inspired album of the same name), Minogue told EW: “The last thing I’d want is a breakup album.

“I was done with that. Through! Moved on! And I was so much happier to have moved on. Things were better, not worse! It’s the reverse of what people might think… it’s not about a breakup; It’s about me and about where I find myself at this point in my life!”

Minogue added that she sees this album as a way to take back control of her narrative, pointing out: “Doing promo for my last album, I was often asked, ‘How does it feel to be a woman your age in this industry?’ and I was just over it.

“For my own satisfaction, I wanted to be able to say that we just are who we are at any point in time… it was very liberating.”

Has Minogue inspired you to start talking about your own achievements? Then check out Big Yourself Up, our new regular column exploring ways in which women can boost their self-confidence, get better at self-promotion and resist being side-lined in the workplace.

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