Why everyone is talking about Laura Dern’s Golden Globes speech

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Kayleigh Dray
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Many Hollywood stars addressed the #MeToo movement at the 2018 Golden Globes – but nobody did it quite like Laura Dern.

Big Little Lies pretty much dominated at this year’s Golden Globes, picking up the trophy for Best Limited TV Series, as well as another Best Actress gong for Nicole Kidman and a Best Supporting Actor nod for Alexander Skarsgard.

Laura Dern, likewise, was awarded the prestigious Best Supporting Actress accolade for her standout performance as Renata Klein – and she began her speech as so many do, thanking her co-stars on the HBO show, as well as the show’s producers, and creator David E. Kelley.

Speaking of her role, she explained that she felt honoured to have been given the opportunity to play “the most outrageous, complicated woman, and a terrified mother”.

Then came the pivot, as Dern continued: “{Renata was] terrified because her little girl was being abused and bullied and she was too afraid to speak up.

“Many of us were taught not to tattle. It was a culture of silencing and that was normalised. I urge all of us to not only support survivors and bystanders who are brave enough to tell their truth, but to promote restorative justice.”

Dern finished by asking the world to “please protect and employ” the silence breakers, and added: “May we teach our children that speaking out without the fear of retribution is our culture’s new North Star.”

Dern did not just use her speech to make a statement: she also invited Mónica Ramírez, the head of the National Farmworkers Women’s Alliance to walk alongside her on the red carpet.

“I’m very, very excited to be here with Mónica Ramírez,” she told Ryan Seacrest on E!’s Live From the Red Carpet.

“I reached out to her to say that she stood with all the 700,000 women farm workers in solidarity for the women in our industry who were brave enough to speak out about sexual harassment and assault.”

Ramirez added: “Farmworker women pick, pack and plant the food that we eat and have a long history of combating workplace sexual violence.

“When we learned about what was happening in Hollywood our members felt very strongly that they wanted to send a message to the women in this industry and all women who are experiencing sexual violence in the workplace that they are not alone. We stand with them, and we lend them our power and our strength as they move through this difficult time.”

She continued: “Part of our work as an organization is to fight gender equality along all lines…So that every person’s voice will be valued and every person will have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Dern added that she encourages “all the powers that be and all the industries and all the networks and E!” to continued helping close the pay gender gap.

“50/50 by 2020,” she said firmly.

Laura Dern walked the red carpet with Mónica Ramírez

Time’s Up, a group of 300 women in the entertainment industry that recently started a legal defense fund for sexual harassment claims, was also cited by Big Little Lies star and executive producer Reese Witherspoon during her acceptance speech for the Limited Series Globe.

“This show is so much about the life we present to the world that could be very different than the life we live behind closed doors,” she said.

“So I want to thank everyone who broke their silence this year and spoke up about abuse and harassment. You are so brave. And hopefully shows like this, more will be made so people out there who are feeling silenced by harassment, discrimination, abuse: Time is up. We see you, we hear you and we will tell your stories.”

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