Lena Headey’s #10yearchallenge is explicit, but so, so important

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Susan Devaney

Lena Headey and other celebrities have been using the #10yearchallenge to highlight concerning environmental issues. 

How the social media craze around the #10YearChallenge started is anybody’s guess, but one thing’s for certain: people have got different takes on it. Take Katie Piper, who rightly pointed out the anxiety it may be causing by posting two photos of yourself, 10 years apart. 

Some people have used the viral #10YearChallenge to show how (very) little they’ve aged; while others have proactively used the hashtag to highlight the concerning issue of climate change.

Case in point: Game of Thrones Lena Headey has taken to Instagram to use the challenge to highlight climate change. 

“Law makers. People who sign papers. Stop being greedy c**ts and get it done. Ban s**t that is killing the earth. Stop f**king about,” Headey posted to Instagram alongside two photos of a polar bear, highlighting a drastic change in its weight. “Make changes NOW, stop all this knobbing about bulls**t. Stop wasting time we don’t have. We don’t need votes on things that don’t need votes. We need bold INTELLIGENT leadership. WHERE THE F**K ARE YOU ALL.”

With reports that our plastic waste is set to treble within the decade, and scientists discovering that the Great Pacific garbage patch is now three times the size of France, talk about our consumption of plastic has dominated our conversations like never before.

In 2018, single-use plastic became as anti-social as smoking, and David Attenborough’s Blue Planet made us sit up, listen and get serious about recycling. 

And other celebrities have been using the moment to highlight environmental issues, too: 

We’re certain if David Attenborough had Instagram he would’ve followed suit. 

You can read more of our environmental coverage here

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