Leonardo DiCaprio slams Trump over climate deal exit

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Anna Brech
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Like millions of others around the world, Leonardo DiCaprio has been left reeling by President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the historic 2015 Paris climate agreement.

The actor and prominent environmental rights campaigner took to Facebook to voice his dismay as Trump signalled his exit from the accord – the first of its kind to draw together 195 countries in a legally binding commitment to limit global warming.

“Today, the future livability of our planet was threatened by President Trump's careless decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement,” the Wolf of Wall Street star writes, in a message that has been shared over 36,000 times to date.

“Our future on this planet is now more at risk than ever before. For Americans and those in the world community looking for strong leadership on climate issues, this action is deeply discouraging.”

The Oscar-winner – who has contributed over $30million (£23 million) from his environmental foundation to help advance United Nations climate change negotiations – laid out ways in which people could fight back in the face of the Trump-led US departure from the accord.

“Now, more than ever, we must be determined to solve climate change, and to challenge those leaders who do not believe in scientific facts or empirical truths,” DiCaprio writes. “It is time for all of us to stand up, organize, fight back, and channel our energy into grassroots political action.”

The Paris Agreement, signed at the Paris climate conference in 2015, saw governments from 195 countries across the world unite in creating policies that would help achieve climate neutrality before the end of the century.

It laid the foundation for a low-carbon future by agreeing measures that would limit global warming to well below 2°C; a crucial step to mitigating the dangerous and accelerating effects of climate change.

It was also significant because it represented a shift in governments – rather than grassroots charities and campaign groups - taking the lead on reducing emissions.

Trump believes the deal would impoverish the US. "We don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore - and they won't be,” he said.

UN chief Antonio Guterres's spokesman called his decision to withdraw "a major disappointment" while the European Union said it was "a sad day for the world".

DiCaprio has campaigned for years on the issue of climate change.

According to the Guardian, he began worrying about biodiversity and species loss as a youngster. The 42-year-old famously used his Oscars acceptance speech for best actor in The Revenant last year to urge world leaders to reject “the politics of greed”.

“Climate change is real, it is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating,” he said.

Former US president Barack Obama, who agreed to the Paris accord, accused Trump of  “rejecting the future”.

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