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Ladies, we’ve all been there – you think you’ve found a winner. He seems funny, polite and a real gent on paper, but then you meet him in person, and all that text-persona evaporates. Dammit. If only you’d asked all the important questions before you spent all that time getting ready, just to end up having to sip your obligatory G&Ts while you plan your escape route. Finding Prince Charming isn’t as easy as we all hope it’d be.

Well, Match reckon they can put a lot more control over how the date’s going to go with their Match Badge, shining a spotlight on the guys worth your time. And once you use your online wing-woman to showcase an array of prospective dates, do a little pre-date graft and find out some of these very vital bits of info. And hey, it may lead to some interesting conversation on the night, too. Here is a list of things to consider.

1. What makes them LOL? 

If his Match profile shows that he loves to laugh at ‘hilarious car crashes’, you just know he is gonna laugh his shirt off when the waiter drops that plate on the way to the kitchen. So, maybe, if that’s not your style, this isn’t the man for you.

2. And the Brit award doesn’t go to…

It might seem trivial, but if you’re more Guns N’ Roses and Slipknot than Stormzy and Little Mix, and they think the Now Music CDs are “the best thing ever”, your musical tastes may be one clash too far. Maybe play their Match profile song a few times to see if this really is a groove you can get down with.

3. Cool Intentions? 

Find out whether they’re here for a good time, not a long time, or if they’re after something more meaningful. Also, make sure they’re not already in a relationship. No-one needs that. And thankfully, the Match Badge will weed these out as these men have been given dating tips and behavior guides - you can even feedback from past dates to make sure you never waste your time again.

4. How do they make a living? 

This may be a pretty obvious one, but it’s a great way to break the ice when you first get messaging. Plus they may do something totally unexpected and interesting. And once you know, you can always do a little research and turn up with some impressive knowledge.

5.Ticking the boxes

What’s on your bucket list? Do you have some clear matches? Those who climb Mount Everest together, stay together. Or something like that.

6. Prized Possessions

If the thing they’d save from a fire is their games console, not something extremely cute and sentimental, then that gives you a good idea where any potential relationship may come on his list of priorities.

7.  Eating and drinking no-go’s 

Let’s face it, if they’re vegan, they’ve probably already told you. But it’s good to know what they do and don’t eat and drink. If they’re part of the V club and teetotal, for example, you know not to suggest a whiskey and steak house for your date.

8.  Negative Nigel

If they were known as ‘Jangly James’ or ‘Hairy Harry’ in school, it will sure give you some interesting things to talk about on the night. Plus it’s something fun and not-too-serious – making the whole vibe more relaxed.



Before you can start your intel-building and the fun part, getting to know someone new, first you need to actually find Mr Could-Be-Right. Luckily for us all, Match are introducing the Match Badge to give women more of a chance when it comes to finding the ‘good guys’. A little wing-woman you can rely on any hour of the day, you could say. In providing tips on dating, ‘behaviour guidance’ to men and letting members rate their past dates, you can feel more confident in finding that diamond in the rough.

Head to Match to find out more.

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