Lily Allen has some particularly intimate advice for her younger self

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If Lily Allen knew then what she knows now, what would she have done differently? Let’s find out…

With a mischievous grin, Lily Allen looks up to the camera and says, “I would tell my younger self to go easy on the bleach.” She then points to her crop of candy-floss pink hair, remarking sarcastically, “as you can see I’m living by that advice now.”

This is why we love Allen. She refuses to take herself too seriously, isn’t afraid to be searingly honest and is, of course, absolutely hilarious.

Who better to quiz on life lessons, then, than a woman whose journey with fashion, careers and fame has been more colourful than most? Exactly. Plus, Allen has no qualms about telling you all about it (seriously, we haven’t got to the ‘masturbation bit’ yet), which makes things even better.

Here, we ask the singer to bestow upon us the wisdom she wishes she could tell her younger self, and, boy, does she deliver. Prepare to be schooled on pretty much everything, from money management to following your instincts. 

On money

“Stop spending so much money on clothes,” begins Allen. “I had lots of money and I liked clothes. Now I don’t have so much money, and I don’t fit any of those clothes.” 

Relating her money choices directly to her career as a pop star, she adds: “Probably don’t sign a five-album deal for £25,000 and get a more reliable accountant and work with people with better intentions.” 

On self-confidence

Allen reflects: “I’d tell myself to listen to your instincts a little bit more. Stand up for yourself. I trusted people to take care of other things, and instinctively I knew things weren’t quite right but I didn’t really have the experience yet to take those instincts seriously.”

On fashion 

From the moment her debut album, Alright Still, dropped in 2006, Allen has been known for her now-iconic pairing of flamboyant full-length dresses and trainers. And you know what? She doesn’t regret a thing.

When asked about her fashion sense of yesteryear, the singer says: “I think I looked pretty cool. Keep rocking those prom dresses and trainers babe.”

Anything else? 

After a small pause, Allen releases her final nugget of wisdom: “Masturbate, and get to know your vagina better.”

Sound advice.

You can watch the full video (above) or read our cover star interview with Allen, here

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