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Rapper Little Simz talks unconditional love, foster parenting and believing in fate

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Five Minute Philosopher is a weekly series in which Stylist gets profound with people we love. What will Little Simz make of our existential questions?

This week’s philosopher Little Simz and our special guest editor Adwoa Aboah became friends “almost immediately” after they first crossed paths, according to the model. Adwoa says: “I met Little Simz in Mexico City while she was on tour with Gorillaz.

“We became friends almost immediately, and I believe she is one of the best musicians of our time.”

What is the meaning of life?

I’m still trying to figure it out.

What is the difference between right and wrong?

It’s all feeling, that’s how I judge it. As opposed to, ‘I’ve been told this is wrong, I’ve been told this is right’.

Where is your happy place?

My house. People come to my house all the time, they might be in the studio room or go do their thing. They go into my fridge and I have canvasses, easels and paints, so they might paint; it’s just really chill. There’s nothing crazy going on, it’s not some rock star shit, everyone is drinking tea.

Nature or nurture?

Nurture. When I think of nurture I think of my mum. She’s a foster parent and a lot of the kids don’t come from loving homes and don’t understand what it feels like to be genuinely loved and cared for. Some of them have gone off and had a family of their own, she showed them unconditional love and they found that in a partner. I think it spreads.

Is it more important to be liked or respected?

You don’t have to like me, you don’t have to like what I do, but you will respect it. That’s for sure.

If you could be remembered for one thing what would it be?

For knowing there’s a bigger picture. I’m blessed to have two hands, two feet, I can walk, I’m healthy, and I’m talented at that. I want to use that to help.

Who or what is your greatest love?

My family.

When did you last lie?

Yesterday when I went to get food and the waiter asked if I liked it, but I didn’t actually, at all.

Does the supernatural exist?

I’ve felt vibes. In places I’ve been told about the history it’s almost like I can physically feel something there.

Are you fatalistic?

100%. I feel like my path was already written, but I think I wrote it; I knew when I was nine that I was going to get to my third album.

What is your greatest fear?

God, because God’s the most powerful thing.

Animals or babies?


What talent do you yearn for?

Drawing really cool portraits would be sick.

Rapper little sings smiles with arms raised in the sun
Catch Little Simz on her UK tour this autumn

Do you like to be complimented?

I don’t really care for compliments. It’s nice to receive one but I don’t go out fishing for them.

Do you have a high pain threshold?

Quite high, I’ve gotten tattoos in really painful places and it’s bearable.

What book do you recommend most to others?

A Piece Of Cake by Cupcake Brown. It’s a great story of how, as cliche as it sounds, there can be that light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a story of help.

Which lesson has been the hardest to learn?

Nobody owes you anything, and people are going to do what they feel they need to do for them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but just know that.

What food sums up happiness?

I like lots of colours on my plate; curries with peppers and carrots and broccoli, that whole madness.

Book cover of A piece of cake by cupcake brown
A story of hope and help: Cupcake Brown’s A Piece of Cake

What have you never understood?


What is the one thing you want to know before you die?

To know my mum how her friends know her. I’ve only got one perspective. I would love to know what kind of kid she was and those sorts of things.

Are you scared of dying or what happens when you die?

Touch wood, but I feel like that’s a very long way away.

Quinoa or Quavers?

Quinoa. It’s not like I don’t like Quavers though, I’ll eat them if they’re there.

We’re celebrating Stylist’s 10th birthday in 2019 – and to honour the occasion, we’ve asked 10 of our favourite women to guest edit an issue of the magazine. Adwoa Aboah is our second star guest editor; see everything from her special issue here

Little Simz’ album Grey Area is out now; littlesimz.co

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