Lorelai has “mid-life crisis” in Netflix's Gilmore Girls reboot

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Lucy Devine
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Since we found out about the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival earlier this year, we’ve been counting down the days with eager anticipation. With only two weeks to go until our favourite noughties show returns to our screens, we’re preparing for the ultimate Netflix duvet day.

So imagine our happiness when stars Alexis Bledel (Rory) and Lauren Graham (Lorelai) ignited our excitement further and teased even MORE details about the four-part series.

Picking up eight years on from the original show, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will see some major changes for our favourite mother-daughter duo. As we know, Rory, Lorelai and Emily (Rory’s mother, played by Kelly Bishop) are dealing with the death of Richard Gilmore – played by the late Edward Herrmann. In a new interview with Entertainment WeeklyGraham revealed “everybody is dealing with the loss of Richard”. 

While the original series ended with Rory jetting off to Washington D.C. to cover the campaign trail of Barack Obama, the new Netflix reboot will begin with Rory travelling home to attend her grandfather’s funeral.

In the recent interview, Bledel reveals Rory feels a "rude awakening" after working in the journalism industry for eight years. 

“Rory has been working in the field of journalism for eight years and the field changed very dramatically from when she first started … so she has been chasing stories whenever she can and staying with friends from different cities in the process,” says Bledel.

For Lorelai meanwhile, the original series closed with her and Luke (Scott Patterson) finally getting together. While the pair are still a couple, Graham explained Lorelai is facing a “mid-life crisis”. She said: “I think for each character living in a different decade it’s sort of the quintessential what does one face at this age...I’m sort of in a mid-life crisis and I would say Emily, my mum, is kind of, how can she move on from this loss?”

With so many unanswered questions, the countdown is well and truly on.