Maggie Gyllenhaal has called out this red carpet question

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Emily Reynolds
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Maggie Gyllenhaal has pledged her support to the #TimesUp movement – and she’s calling out this red carpet tactic at the same time. 

Conversations in Hollywood have been dominated by talk of #MeToo and #TimesUp in recent months – and that extends to the red carpet. At January’s Golden Globes ceremony, celebrities were asked “why are you wearing black?” rather than “who are you wearing?”, prompting many stars to give moving answers about the importance of the movements around consent.

But actress Maggie Gyllenhaal isn’t such a fan of the tactic, it turns out. In an interview with Marie Claire, she shared how “difficult” she found discussing the movement at the Golden Globes.

“At the Golden Globes I found it difficult to discuss this because my feelings about it are very, very complicated, and the conversations that have been most exciting to me are ones that have gone on for 45 minutes,” she said. 

“I found it difficult on a red carpet to respond to questions about how I was feeling in a way that felt honest to me.”

Gyllenhaal recently posted pictures of herself at the Washington’s Women’s March. 

She used the rest of the interview to talk about her involvement with #TimesUp, which she says she was a part of organising. 

“One of the things I thought was amazing about it was that all of these actresses – some of whom are much younger, some of whom are much older, many of whom are my contemporaries, who most of the time are in competition with each other—joined together, all of us in one room, many people saying very smart, interesting things,” she said.  

“We raised money for a legal defence fund to pay for women in all sorts of industries who need legal protection. So, that’s amazing, right? And I have said, and I have tweeted, ‘I am a feminist for due process.’ I hope that this energy, and this anger, and this pain, and this hopefulness can turn into something that is codified.”

Image: Rex Features