Maisie Williams is beyond excited to be Sophie Turner’s bridesmaid

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Maisie Williams has confirmed that she’s going to be a bridesmaid at Sophie Turner’s wedding.

“Maybe we can be each other’s soulmates and then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.” 

Sex and the City may have dated over the years, but the sentiments the series espoused about female friendship will forever ring true – and it seems as if Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, two stars from yet another hugely successful HBO show, are also firm believers in the #sistersbeforemisters mantra.

So it makes sense that Turner has given her TV sister a very special role in her wedding.

When asked if she is bidding for the job, Williams told Radio Times, “I already got it!”

She continued: “[The wedding] is very, very exciting. It’s kind of bizarre though.

“We’re waiting until this season [of Game of Thrones] is done until we get into any [wedding planning], but I think she’s already letting her little heart wander and imagine.”

Last year, we confirmed that Turner is engaged to her musician boyfriend Joe Jonas; the famously private couple announced their happy news with a pair of in-sync Instagram posts, and fans all over the world fell over themselves to offer their congratulations.

Williams, of course, took to social media to share her own sweet message to her co-star – and it was everything we expected from a dedicated best friend, to be honest.

Sharing the very same picture the engaged couple used to announce their news, Williams wrote: “Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend on her engagement.

“This is just one of MANY life milestones we’ll share. Love you both #mophie #jophie #holymoly”

It’s not the first time that ‘Mophie’ has been used by the duo to describe themselves.

During an interview with Marie Claire, Turner said that she’d 100% prefer to be famed for her relationship with her best friend over her romance with Jonas.

“I prefer ‘Mophie,’” she explained. “What’s that thing they say? Relationships come and go but friendship is always there.”

All hail the power of female friendship.



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