Maya Jama: “It’s not natural to hear so many people’s opinions about yourself”

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Maya Jama on holiday

The television and radio presenter has shown how she deals with online trolls, setting an example for us all. 

Maya Jama is an inspiration to us all. The presenter and emerging actor is has proven to be an expert at switching off from the digital world – despite having more than 1.5 Instagram followers – by muting certain words or taking a break.

At a BBC conference on mental health – appearing with singer Ellie Goulding and Rizzle Kicks rapper Jordan Stephens – Jama recommended muting offensive words that cropped up regularly in her replies, and taking breaks from her phone.

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Jama, 25, revealed how social media meant everything people do is “under a massive microscope” and that often it could become “super overwhelming”.

She told the Annie Mac Presents London Conference on Friday (6th March): “I always say that social media is a gift and a curse because I wouldn’t have half of my jobs if it wasn’t for social media.

“But then everything you do is under a massive microscope. It’s not natural to hear so many other people’s opinions about yourself. That is not normal.”

Jama also interestingly compared social media to an IRL experience: “It is like walking down the road and hearing what everybody has to say about you as you are passing them. Obviously, not everything is going to be nice.”

She believes that when it all gets too much, that a break is the best thing. “You do have to try and take some things with a pinch of salt and have little mini-breaks, that’s something I do.”

She said: “It is intense sometimes and I am from the generation who have grown up with it.”

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“So I have been an idiot on social media, I have used it to my benefit sometimes, I have gone through all the motions of loving it and hating it and ‘Why do I even have to be on this?’”

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She believes that when it all gets too much that a break is the best thing. “I have this thing – I make a joke out of it – when things get super overwhelming and things are too much, I just run away a little bit.

“I go on holiday or go somewhere and turn my phone off, be with real people and be in a normal zone without the echo of the online stuff.”

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Back in February the presenter revealed how she sometimes deletes WhatsApp to fully switch off.

“I don’t reply to texts, I don’t call back. I delete WhatsApp all the time and I sleep with my phone on airplane mode.”

“It’s weird that someone thinks that they can just get through to you, no matter what you’re doing. That’s your time,” she continued.

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