Meghan Markle closes a door, Twitter goes into meltdown

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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“She must stop that!” cried one person on Twitter.

Last night was a historic moment for Meghan Markle, as she attended her first solo engagement as a royal.

The Duchess of Sussex swung by the opening of the new Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, marking her first public engagement without another member of the Royal Family being present since her wedding to Prince Harry four months ago. (The tabloids were frothing at the mouths that her first solo engagement arrived months earlier than that of the Duchess of Cambridge, who made her first solo engagement almost six months after her marriage to Prince William, but we’ll leave that story for another day).

Meghan’s previous public appearances have sparked frenzies for all manner of eye-roll inducing reasons (she sat on a chair! She wore a bra!) and last night was no exception, with people taking to Twitter to express their utter disbelief at what they had just witnessed her do.

“She must stop that!” cried one user.

“I’ve never seen an on-duty princess [do that],” added another.

And what, I hear you ask, had she done to deserve such attention? 

Well, dear reader, she had closed her own car door.

Meghan Markle closing her own door

Footage of the big moment went viral on Twitter last night, as Meghan was recorded stepping out of a car and then promptly closing the door behind her. The door had originally been opened by a Protection Officer (sadly not David Budd of Bodyguard fame) but he moved out of the way so a member of the Royal Academy could greet Meghan, meaning he was unable to reach around the pair and shut the door. 

Meghan, being the normal, considerate person that she is, simply closed the door behind her and got on with her evening.

Thankfully, there was praise for the Duchess mixed in with the stunned reactions, with fans taking to social media to describe her as “humble” and “down to earth”.

“I really don’t think it occurs to her that someone else is there to do that,” wrote one user on Twitter. “It is something she’s always done herself like the rest of us.”

“I don’t think Meghan Markle sees herself as better than anyone else.. I’m proud of her,” added another.

“Completely down to earth and humble,” wrote another.

While the moment stunned social media, this isn’t actually the first time that Meghan has closed her own car door - in fact, the Duchess was recorded closing her car door just last week, when she attended the launch of her cookbook, Together: Our Community Kitchen.

Containing over 50 recipes created by women whose communities were affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, the book will raise money for the Hubb Community Kitchen, which was founded by the women, and other projects.

So, now that we’ve established that yes, Meghan is capable of closing a car door, perhaps we can all calm down and focus on the amazing work she is doing in her new role, instead?

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