Melania Trump just liked a tweet that belittled her marriage

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The internet has long been obsessed with the idea that there’s something a little… well, a little ‘off’ between Melania Trump and her husband, Donald. There was the time that the President refused to hold hands with his wife, and that moment when Melania snubbed her husband’s directions at a pre-inauguration event.

And, of course, there’s the unfortunate video which was taken during Trump’s inauguration. In the clip, thousands watched as Melania smiled radiantly as Trump turned around to look at her. As his gaze slid off of his wife, however, her mouth seemingly fell into a moue of disappointment, anger, and anxiety – sparking a plethora of #FreeMelania hashtags all over social media.

Now, however, there is a moment to top all of the above: Melania has, from her official Twitter account, liked a tweet which suggests that she hates her husband.

Andy Ostroy, a left-wing blogger, had shared a short clip from the inauguration video to his social feed.

Alongside the GIF, he wrote: “Seems the only wall that Donald Trump’s built is the one between him and Melania.”

A short while later, Ostroy was shocked to learn that his tweet had been liked by Melania’s official Twitter account (aka that same @FLOTUS handle we used to associate with Michelle Obama).

 “I suspect this isn’t a real account for FLOTUS…” wrote a bemused Ostroy, before his followers informed him that it most definitely is.

“It’s her real account,” confirmed one. “I think she’s sending a cry for help.”

The confirmation, of course, caused the #FreeMelania hashtag to begin trending once again, with many admitting that they were worried about the First Lady.

Melania has since ‘unliked’ the post. However, as one social media user wryly pointed out, “what has been seen or screenshot cannot be unseen”.

At the moment, it remains unclear as to why Melania’s official account ‘liked’ the tweet in the first place.

Some have suggested that a rogue intern may have taken control of her social media feeds, while others are convinced that her account was hacked – a theory which infamous hackers Anonymous have insisted holds no water.

“We are sort of hacking experts,” they tweeted, “and we confirm that Melania Trump was not hacked.

“This is real.”

The president has yet to respond to the outcry himself, although – judging by his fondness for Twitter – we imagine that it’s only a matter of time before he has his say on the social media faux pas.

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